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This world and universe will always be strange to me somehow..the thing is that we are controlled..which could be a bad thing pt a good thing..and I choose good, I could create flying cars..brain control..but here we are being useless....we love space because there are no people..to kill and negociate..

Horror / Adventure
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-Started on 16th Feb or 17--

---End unknown--

—( -_・) ︻デ═一I shoot n with guns!!🍾🍻

Today I went to a new school, I had to represent myself..and I really hated it...I just didn’t like how everyone was looking at me...nobody wanted to be friends with me at all....now I just have to be a loner and wait for my friends to come, the thing is I wouldn’t mind being a loner but my parents...were just strict..like they wanted you to have friends..not be alone..sometimes they would even force you too-

Anyways I was going home...sometimes I wondered which place was better...home or school?..but it was definitely home....because I could eat whatever I wanted and plus sleep..but the thing I hated was those things that were slowly going little by little.

When it comes to school teachers be given us so much stuff like how do you expect me to do 20 pages in one week when am still on PG 12, like STFU and they be the same teacher who has a favor are old..like bruh you be saying that your not favoriting but you are like we have a thousand prove..so stop for once.

–[🦋 Yall I forgot what I writing about so, let me read again🗿]--


Today we’re supposed to go back to F.E.O for something important, which made you wanna die..like why should I do that.

I was finally back..the place I never wanted to be at...it brought bad memories..which destroyed you.

Everything about the country destroyed you. you hated everything about that place..Anyways you weren’t gonna let anything ruin this day. the day you will be meeting your long-lost crush. who was also a scientist like you.it made you happy to see him. but the thing is..you didn’t really have feelings toward him. you just called him a crush..because there was a special feeling towards him..which you found out was a friendship filling[ Kindness].but you don’t care. so you call him a crush.

J: Yo I want chocolate!!!

This is my nephew Jordan..he is so rude as fuck..but i.life is so unfair to have made him a child...like become an adult so I can beat the shit out of- anyways

J: Bitch give me chocolate!!

I gave him 10 dollars-

J: Bruh do you see this..this has no meaning!!


J: AMa te tells mom.

: I ama give you 100 if you shut up.

J: D..deal

This kid has mental health issues..which makes me remember her.



: Hey I heard you came back


: You dere?

: Yah...

: So can you come to the hospital...

: Ok/.


: Wanna come with me to the hospital?


: ok...

: So where ama go?

: Home...

: I’ll call the driver.

J: yah

: Au Revoir

J: Fakosher

I really wanted to walk so I did while listening to a pearl[ ].

I saw a coffee thingy, I really don’t remember the name but wanted coffee it was cold..so at least I would have it.

: Hellow mam, welcome to the green leaf coffee.


: What coffee would you like to have and also which dessert?

: umm...can I have a...

I could have a cappuccino..but still like it’s 28 dollars..but I landed on a chocolate cappuccino which was 48dollors..so I-

: I would like a cappuccino with no chocolate, one banana cake, and a croissant.

: That will be 70 dollars, mam

I gave the 70 dollars and went away..but still how are a croissant 40 dollars and a chocolate cap 48??


This was the hospital..that I hated the most...it held lots of bad memories..and one of them was my sister.

: looks who’s here.

: STFU mark!!

M: I just said-

: nothing important.

M: okay..so I called you here because she started to remember Jordan..but as Michael.

:.....I have nothing to say..

M: And the worst part is that she wants to see him...

I really don’t know what to do with this one..

M: She’s been screaming all night, which disturbs-

: let me see her.

M: you-

: Shut up

M: Okay but come back alive.

While I was going..I was thinking about how I could resolve the problem..

I finally arrived..it was dark and cool..not cold or hot.

?: Finally, I met my stupid naive sister, so Where Michael!!

: Listen to me once to you remember how we used to have baley-

?: SHUT UP!!

Music: { so the idea is that the main character was a killer in a group of powerful mafias but you all got separated and now all of you have a good personal life, but the question is that will yall meet, again?}

🍯This is my new favorite app, it’s in my top 5 why not, it’s better than Wattpad, in my opinion.🍯

Also if there's no letter in front of : , it means a question mark, the main character doesn't know them.

{This story is one of the most cringers books I've made}

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