The Babysitting Nightmare

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This story was based on a prompt of a teenager taking a babysitting job from one of their mom's friends and someone trying to get into the house. This story was created with an oc of mine and all rights of this story belong to me. Point of View Is Marnie’s AKA the babysitter

Horror / Fantasy
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The Babysitting Nightmare

It all started when I took a babysitting job from one of my moms’ friends. It seemed just like any other babysitting job I had done before. The only difference being that the house was in the woods and didn’t have any neighbors. I didn’t think that was going to be an issue with how unlikely someone was going to break into a house in the woods but just in case I went ahead and locked the windows and such and made sure the alarm was on after putting the kids to bed.
It had only been an hour when I heard one of the windows in the kitchen shatter startling me while I was reading and causing the alarm to blare. Of course having been reading a scary story while in a house in the middle of the woods wasn’t one of my finer moments but I couldn’t help that I loved a good scary story. I quickly turned off the alarm but it was too late, the kids were awake now. After turning the alarm off I went to their rooms to check on them but couldn’t find them until I got to the last room. Where I found all three huddled up on the eldest child's bed.
“Are you guys alright? Is anyone hurt?” I asked making sure to keep my voice low and calm.
“Yeah, but what was that. Is someone trying to break in?” The eldest child ask in a small scared voice.
“I wanted to make sure you guys were alright before I go check what happened. It must have just been a branch or something from one of the trees falling into the window.” I told them trying to reassure them as well as myself.
“I’m going to check what happened. Stay here until I get back and keep the door closed and locked, I will knock three times when I get back.” I told them before leaving the room to check the kitchen.
As I moved into the living room, I felt a chill run up my spine and a strange sense of foreboding settled into the pit of my stomach. I tried to shake it off while checking around to make sure nothing was out of place but the feeling stayed. I continued on towards the kitchen I noticed that the dining room table had large gashes on it along with red smudges of an unknown source. As I studied it a sense of dread and fear began to fill me. I was positive that hadn’t been there earlier when I was talking with my moms’ friend. I continued onward despite the intensifying feeling of fear and the draft of cool air along my back as I walked.
When I finally got to the kitchen I immediately noticed that the window on the kitchen door was broken, glass everywhere on the floor, and the door was slightly open. I got a broom to start cleaning when I noticed there was small chunks of gray fur and small drops of blood. Then heard a piercing scream coming from the way I came from. I immediately dropped the broom running as fast as I could towards the sound to see if the kids were okay. When I made it to the room the door was open and the children were gone. I immediately started worrying as to where they might of gone. I started checking around the house in every room when I remember their mom mentioning that when they got really scared they tended to hide in the closet in her room.
I quickly made my way to her room the feeling of dread practically all consuming. When I got to the door I saw the same scratches as on the table in the kitchen only this time with more blood. I opened the door only to freeze in my tracks. There was a girl about my height with long matted black hair and a dress that was tattered and covered in grime. At first I thought that she was a figment of my imagination but then the terrible smell of copper and mud hit me and I knew she was real. I was about turn and bolt for the phone when she suddenly turned causing the smell to get stronger, it felt like I had stuck a copper penny in my mouth. The first thing I noticed about her was her red eyes that seemed to exude a creepy gleam of glee at seeing me causing me to shiver involuntarily. Her face was covered in patchy gray fur with tinges of red near her mouth, her ears twitched bringing the furry wolf like ears to my attention.
I almost screamed in horror when I noticed the children behind her. She frowned then started to look behind her when I suddenly sprung into action running in the opposite direction of her and the children hoping she would give into the chase rather than go for the children. I heard a laugh in front of me causing me to skid to change direction and bolt into a room nearby. Fear and adrenaline seemed to course through me as I frantically searched for something to use as a weapon. I found a baseball bat and quickly stood where she couldn't see me when she first walked in. She seemed to be following me but I couldn't be sure.
"Where are you little rabbit? Come out, come out wherever you are." She spoke in a sing song voice causing me to grip the bat harder until I couldn't feel my fingers. "I can hear you breathing little rabbit."
I swung the bat so hard when I heard her say that. I heard a resounding thwack and thud as she fell unconscious on the floor. I ran to the children and found a phone immediately dialing the police. After getting off the phone when the police finally arrived at the house I cautiously walked down the hall to the living room only to find the girl gone and written in blood on the wall was a note saying 'Thanks for the lovely game. - Ratri' I screamed horrified before blacking out.

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