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Perfect amelia

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A perfect rich girl named amelia who has a bff named camilla and she goes through a bunch of boy friends and she had sex with all them.

Horror / Romance
Taylor Zimmerman
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Introducing the two perfects. The two perfects are me and my friend. My friends name is Camilla and my name is Amelia. We are named the two perfects because we are the most rich,pretty,and popular girls in ocean side. We love taking about boys,things we want, and school. But we also love doing very daring things like prank calling and ding dong ditching, well I guess those aren’t that daring but I swear we do pretty bad stuff I mean I am the most popular girl In town.
I have lived in Ocean side since I was born I have always been the riches girl in town I mean my dad is the mayor. Camilla has lived her since she was 5 years old but then her dad started working for my dad and she’s been my best friend since we where 6 because the year after she moved here her dad started working for my dad and now she’s the second most rich person in this town. She’s kept my secrets,lies, and insecurities for 10 years.
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