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The Holiday

By swansongforaraven All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Untitled Chapter

Welcome, fellow readers. You are about to experience a rollercoaster ride of blood and terror. What makes my story better than some of the others you may have read? Well, there is only one simple answer. It is MY story and I am better than all the other writers you have loved and admired. This is based on true events and confessing what I have done may get me arrested, so I am trusting you not to turn me in.

I suppose you want to know a little about me? My name is Samantha Febray, I am 25 years old and I come from an American family- a rich and well respected one as a matter of fact. My father is a banker and a graduate of Harvard Business School and my mother is both a lawyer and classical musician. Because of my family’s status I am pressured to do well in my career and was forced into doing a Masters degree. My parents moved here to England when I was 14 but we tend to spend the summer back in L.A. I met my girlfriend, Lauren at school when I was 13 but a year later when I had to move to England we had to keep a long distance relationship by only seeing each other in the summer. However, as soon as she turned 18 she moved to England to be with me and had a civil partnership which her parents didn’t attend as they are strict Catholics.

Lauren and I have been married now for seven years and she is five months pregnant with our son through artificial insemination. I have started my own business and Lauren is working as an art dealer. On a Sunday afternoon I was checking through my e-mails and saw I received a message from Lauren’s mother. The e-mail said:


Have I not expressed my thoughts on you and my daughter’s relationship enough to you? You are both committing a sin every single day by being together. I do not want my youngest daughter going to Hell. Not only are you female but you are pretentious, snobby and egotistical and I cannot stand you. I will do everything in my power to ensure you are not in Lauren’s life but also the baby’s.

I heard Lauren come into the room and I shut my laptop. She walked up to me and put her arms around my neck; I could smell the sweet scent of her Vera Wang perfume and feel her soft skin against mine.

“What are you doing honey?” she asked me.

“Just checking some work e-mails. I have lots to get through.”

“Remember, we have a whole summer away from the stresses of work. We get to go home!”

An idea came into my head from nowhere.

“Why don’t we stay in the UK this year? Find somewhere different to go. After all, we have lived for all these years and we have only been to London and Brighton.”

Lauren smiled and her eyes gleamed, she nodded her head and answered,

“You’re absolutely right Sam. We should! Why don’t you find somewhere nice for us to go?”

I smirked and a darkness rose over me when I asked Lauren,

“Why don’t we ask your parents to come with us?”

Lauren’s voice rose,

“My parents? We have not spoken to them in years.”

I looked straight at her with a fake smile on my face,

“I know but I thought by us going on a trip together we could try and put our differences aside.”

“Do you think that will really work?”

“Of course. After all, our son deserves to have his grandparents in his life.”

“What would I do without you?” Lauren kissed me softly.

She always tasted of vanilla, from the first time I kissed her when I was 13 to that exact moment.

“I’m going to the store to buy some bread. I’ll be back in a minute, honey.” Lauren left the room and I heard the front door close.

I opened up my laptop and looked for haunted towns in the United Kingdom and with a detailed search I found the perfect place to take them. I discovered Antrim Town, County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

“A number of residents to the area have spotted ghosts of people hanging from the trees. Local folklore says that this was once the location of a hanging tree.”

I read to myself out loud. I researched the area as a whole and saved the information to my memory stick.

The next day while I was bored at work I planned on replying to my mother in law’s e-mail but whatever I planned to say, it didn’t sound right. I was looking around my office with much disgust; Lauren decorated it without asking me what I wanted. I wanted it simple and professional but she decided to turn it into Barbie’s dream house. The walls looked like Hubba Bubba bubble gum had thrown up on them and instead of leather seats there were bean bags and inflatable chairs. I was waiting to have it re-decorated without her knowing. I was glad my clients had not criticised me on it as they know I am too rich and well respected for them to say anything. I checked through my e-mails again and found an e-mail from one of my clients saying our meeting has to be moved from this afternoon to this evening.

“FUCK!!!” I shouted. I slammed my laptop down as hard as I could. I got up and locked my door. I opened up my draw and took out a large kitchen knife I kept as I used to slice myself regularly at work due to stress and pressure. I undid the buttons of my trousers, pulled them down to my shins and then I cut my thighs….slowly but hard. I didn’t feel anything whilst I did it but then the stinging sensation came afterwards. I used baby wipes to wipe away the blood as it was rushing down my legs. I put my trousers back on, doing each button up was an effort. I noted down in my pad how it felt and how deep the cuts were from last time. I felt dizzy from the blood loss but I somehow managed to do it and focus for the rest of the day.

Towards the end of the day I replied to my mother in law’s e-mail telling her that I was ‘sorry for any hurt that I may have caused her and wanted to start a fresh by going on holiday together’. After I told Lauren what I said in the e-mail she was so happy we made love twice that night.

The next morning my mother in law replied saying she would give it a go for her unborn grandson’s sake. I booked the flights right then. I did not however, tell my mother in law about the sights of ghosts in Antrim, I wanted to keep that as a surprise.

When Lauren’s parents came over the night before so we could fly out together, I was left out of every conversation. I was made to wait on both of them hand and foot. They wish I had never been born, they had told me that several times. Lauren’s mother is extremely overweight and has breathing problems. She had never worked a day in her life and devoted her time to her many cats. She wore a ginger wig and had smudged red lipstick which made her look like a hung-over clown. Her husband was a very thin, frail man who commits himself to his fat whale of a wife.

“You call this a cup of tea, it is very weak!” Lauren’s mother moaned with a disgusted look.

“I’ll put another tea bag in for you, then.”

“No need. I’ll drink it.”

“But you just said it was weak.”

“Samantha, do you mind? I am having a catch up with my daughter.”

I muttered “you’re going to suffer.” and left the room. I went into the bathroom and uncontrollable rage come over me. I started slicing. I slice my legs so none of my staff and clients can see the scars, Lauren being my wife knew I have scars. She didn’t like it but she had no idea how much pressure I was under. The blood rushing from my thighs was the only real release I could purely enjoy as I was used to the sensations of orgasms.

There was a knock on the door. I pulled up my trousers.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Honey, it’s me. Are you in there?”

I put the knife in one of the drawers and opened the door. Lauren looked like a Hollywood actress as she had curled her hair and was wearing a black cocktail dress which showed off her beautiful curves, she was wearing the ruby necklace I bought her for our engagement.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay?”

“I will be fine. Do they want the apple tart yet?”

“I know what you were doing; Sam and they aren’t worth hurting yourself over.”

“I’ll defrost the ice cream.” I walked past Lauren and went downstairs; she didn’t try and stop me to talk to her which I thought she would.

The next morning we left at 5am to get to London Heathrow for 7am. Our flight to Belfast took less than an hour but it seemed like three hours as Lauren’s mother was complaining about feeling hot and claustrophobic. We arrived at Belfast by around 10:30am and got the train to County Antrim. We checked into the Dunsilly Hotel which had an old fashioned glamour about it. The hotel receptionist asked us in a strong Northern Irish accent which I could barely understand,

“Where are you folks off to, today?”

“Antrim Town.” I answered whilst I was taking my credit card out of my purse.

“Ah. We have lots of folk from all over visiting Antrim Town. To let you folk know breakfast is served from 6am until 10am.”

“Is it complimentary?” I asked.

“Yes and it is a buffet so you can have as much as you like”

“Did you hear that Marie, all you can eat buffet, you must be happy!”

“Screw you Samantha! Harold, are you going to let her speak to me like that?”

Lauren’s father didn’t say anything, he just stood there awkwardly.

Lauren’s mum took the hotel key from the manager and stomped upstairs with her husband.

The hotel manager handed me our key and said,

“You have the hotel suite which includes a Jacuzzi, queen sized bed, mini fridge and an entertainment system. It is three doors down from your parents- in law Ms. Febray.”

“Thank you.” I shook his hand and gave him a £20 note. I don’t usually tip at hotels but as he helped piss off my mother-in-law I wanted to thank him.

I carried our bags upstairs and unpacked while Lauren was resting. When she fell asleep I went downstairs to speak to the receptionist.

“What time is the last bus from here to Antrim Town?”

“I will find that out for you now, Ms Febray.”

While he was calling the bus company a rush of excitement hit me and I couldn’t stop smiling, luckily he wasn’t looking at me at the time, otherwise he would have thought I was insane.

“The last bus is at 10:45 tonight. And to get back it is 1:30am.”

“Perfect. Thank you.”

I left the hotel to collect ‘supplies’ for tonight as I wouldn’t be able to get some of the stuff past security at the airport which took almost half the day.

I went back upstairs to tell Lauren and her parents that we were going to Antrim Town tonight. They weren’t happy about getting there so late but I told them the receptionist suggested a moonlight stroll by the lake. After dinner we got on the 10:45 bus, Lauren’s mother was complaining about not being able to see anything in the dark.

When we got to Antrim Town there weren’t even any lamp posts to see where we were walking to but I somehow felt like I had been there before and automatically knew where we were going…maybe it was due to the thorough research I had done such as looking at maps and landmarks.

“There have been sightings of different ghosts….. such as a female cyclist and people hung from a tree ….”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lauren’s mother.

After several minutes walk around the town I came across what I was looking for. The hanging tree. I stared at it for several moments.

“Why are you staring at the tree, Sam?” Lauren asked me concerned.

I turned around and faced everybody.

“I brought you here for a reason.”

I took out a hand gun from my bag and pointed it to Lauren’s father and shot him in the foot, to injure him. He fell to the floor instantly and started screaming in agony.

“What the hell have you done?” Lauren cried.

Lauren’s mum lay next to her husband, pressed her hands on his wound and was looking at me with fear, her pupils had widened greatly. I walked up to Lauren’s mum and pointed the gun. Lauren started gripping me on the arm to stop me and I shoved her away.

I then shot Lauren’s mum in the leg, to again, only injure her. Now both of them were pleading. Lauren’s dad cried out,

“Do what you like with me, but please let them go!”

I walked up to Lauren and told her,

“I don’t want to do this but I have too….”

I pushed her to the ground and sat on top of her. She was clawing at me, she screeched,

“Sam! Please don’t do this! Think of the baby!” I took out the rope from my bag and tied the noose around her neck. My in laws were continuing to moan and groan in pain. With all the strength I had in my body I dragged her to the tree. I tied the rope around the branch. I made her stand on a stall which I found in the nearby area and made her stand on it. When I forced her to jump off it, I heard her neck snap….

“You killed her!” Lauren’s dad shouted.

“Now you know what it is like to suffer. I will give you two choices. I can let you both go if you promise not to go to the police…because if you do, I will kill your other daughters. Option two is I kill you both now to put you out of your misery.”

They both looked at each other, hoping the other would tell them what to do.

“Harold, you make the decision for both of us.” She held his hand tight.

“Are you sure, Marie?” he stared into her watery eyes.

“I can’t live with what I saw tonight…..”

“Me either……”

Lauren’s dad looked at me and said,

“Do it. Shoot us both.”

I threw him the gun and said,

“Make it look like a joint suicide.” I walked away and headed towards an abandoned allotment where I knew there was a car which I could break into. When I got into the car I heard the two gun shots. A smirk appeared on my face and I started the engine. I actually for the first time in my life felt happy.

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