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Short story: Secret

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A girl finds Sandra into her imagenery friend but is she her friend or she just uses her to catch... Read to find out!

Horror / Mystery
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Freezing secret

A normal day. I'm cooking dinner, my husband is working on the backyard, Ellie is playing whit her “best-friend Sandra„ in her room and everything seems fine.

Sometimes strange things happen to me when I'm alone and it happen again.I was getting my daughter and my husband to the dinner table but all the plates were on the floor half eaten! Me and my husband got woried!

–Mommy, Sandra just wanted to eat!

After she said thoose words my husband told me that Ellie have eaten it and tells it was Sandra but i really got woried!

Three days later:
–Done it wasn't so hard right!–I told my husband and we both placed the new wardrobe in Ellie's room.

–Are we done here i need to fix the barbecue?–told me my husband and went to the backyard.

My husband got out of the room i was about to get out to but i heard a familiar voice saying something:

–Mommy, mommy!-the voice cough and continue talking-I mean Sarah look what i drew for you!
I was too scared to turn around knowing it wasn't my daughter's voice. It was familiar. I've heard it before. I freezed for a moment then decided to turn around. I turned whit my eyes closed but i didn't heard anything then i opened my eyes. Nobody was in the room. First i was thinking that I'm imagining or I'm getting crazy but then i saw a picture on the floor. It wasn't there when i was about to get out the room. I picked it up to see something really creepy:
Me, my husband and a little girl Infront of our house! In the picture we were treating her like our daughter but the creepy thing in the picture was the dead body of our little daughter! I was scared i got out of the room slowly closing the door. The little girl from the picture was there... She looked familiar. I knew her from somewhere.
The next day i went to Ellie's room to get her clothes for laundry but that what i saw wasn't Ellie's clothes. It was the little girl's clothes. She wore the same clothes when i saw her yesterday. I wasn't able to see her face. I only saw her scars, but they wasn't from falling or something else - someone abused her.
One morning when i woke up to get my daughter ready for daycare - she wasn't in her bed. I searched the everywhere in the house to find out she's sleeping on the attic near the window. I woke her up and asked her why is she sleeping there but i got no answer. She was hiding her chest and when i wanted to put her other clothes she started crying and running around the room. Finally i cached her and pulled her t-shirt off she had a massive circular scar on the middle of her body.Like from a shot whit a gun. We went to a doctor but he said that there's no clue for having the scar. He said it really looks like a gun scar but she must be dead on the place the scar is. After that day i was getting more worried and more worried because her body was getting more scars and every doctor says theres no clue for them Ellie says they don't hurt her and she haven't fall anywhere she just gets them when she goes to sleep.
One night i decided to stay in her room.Nothing happened so far. I fell asleep late in the night in like 2am and saw something that made me scream:The girl whit the scars hurting my daughter whit a knife. I screamed so loud that my husband woke up. Ellie started crying asking me what happened. I told her what i saw but she started laughing hardly.
–Mommy! Meet Sandra - my best friend. We were just playing whit her new toy!
I've never imagined that something like this would happen. Also I've never thought there will be something creepier bit the next day i saw Ellie digging a hole in the backyard and playing whit human bones! However i was yelling at her pulling her so harder she was pulling me and continuing digging the hole till she found full human skeleton! The neighbors saw them and called the police. When they arrived they took some looks to the skeleton took bones, DNA and other stuff and understood that the skeleton is Sandra Wooden's...or our dead daughter...
The police still didn't know who killed her so they started searching.
One week later the strange things got even more strange. Ellie was sitting in the corner of the attic whit a big smile but she didn't ate, talk or moved! This continued two days and on the third she continued sitting, not eating, not moving but she didn't stoped saying “truth, truth, tell them the truth„ I woke up on the middle of the night to see Ellie spelling on the wall the word:TRUTH
I ran out packed my things as fast as i could i left Ellie and my husband there whit a note on the fridge telling my husband why I'm running away. I opened the door but i saw two cars of policemans. I stood up whit opened mouth and hands in the air. It was the worst moment of my life - knowing I'm getting into jail for killing my own daughter! Nobody told me anything I just know why are they here.

I knew it was Sandra from the beginning i still hate her me and my husband killed her and dig her body in the backyard we didn't wanted a child back then we hated her and we still do - we were hurting her everyday till one day she didn't drew me a picture and called me mommy she was sorry after but i was mad i never wanted anyone to know this ugly girl was my daughter. And then me and Andrew(my husband) decided to kill her. He took his gun and shoot. Looks like they already found us...
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