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The Cookie

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This is a short story of a young child who has a late night craving for a cookie,but when they find no cookies left in the cookie jar they have to resort to something else...

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

The Cookie

It was a dark and stormy night,my stomach was rumbling so I slowly crept down the stairs to get a cookie as I crept into the kitchen I heard...scrambling and growls?then I suddenly heard the crunching sound of a cookie then suddenly it stopped so I grabbed the cookie jar,trembling I slowly opened it to see it empty with only a few crumbs left so I went to my mommy and asked her"Mommy can you get more cookies?"To my dismay she refused as it was too stormy. However my stomach was growling too much to ignore so once again I slowly crept downstairs and went in the fridge,and I found something labelled "broccoli" I've never had it before as I've always liked to stick to cookies,it looked strange like a tree and it had a weird green slime on it which I assume is normal as I've never had it before,it looked rather unappetising to me however there was no choice I had to eat it or starve,so I put it on a plate and dug in,the green slime tastes rather weird and I don't feel well,everything started getting dark and I suddenly was starting to collapse onto the floor but before I did so,I saw a weird figure. After that incident I woke up in the hospital and I never ate broccoli again,and I never knew if that figure was my imagination or not.

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