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This is a short post-apocalyptic story about two teenage twins attempting to survive the new world.

Horror / Action
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I scanned the landscape, wondering where my sister Tess was.

She had to go out hunting for supplies when we lost ours. We had boarded a small steamboat when we found out what all the noise from the bottom of the deck was. Giant spiders had attacked us, and we had to leave in a hurry.

They ripped my backpack in half while we were jumping off the side of the boat, and my stuff spilled everywhere.

Of course, being the nice twin she was, she told me she was going to get more stuff. As she left, she told me to defend the base.

The base was just a rusty bus covered in vines, but it was a place to stay.

You know how in almost all the books they say there’s one person left? That’s not accurate. Supposedly there are around a billion humans left on the planet.

It's not exact.

The common problems we have to face now is giant bugs of all kinds, zombies/flesh puppets, more dangerous weather, and otherworldly creatures such as giant bats, dinosaur like monsters, and the most terrifying ocean creatures you’ve ever seen.

We’re pretty sure gods and titans are real now. There are border-line monsters that have evolved since February of last year. That’s when the weird events started. Weather patterns changed, and old inactive volcanoes erupted. Hawaii was one of the first states to be wiped out. Eventually many cities were gone, too. After all human life was removed, a few weeks later, unnaturally fast moving vines would grow over it.

My sister theorizes it’s mother nature trying to take back the earth.

She said it would explain all the new monsters appearing.

I’d waited four hours, and the sun was going down. I didn’t know what kind of monsters came out at night, and I wasn’t keen to find out.

I hunkered down underneath the driver seat seat of the bus. It wasn’t very warm, but I had a few blankets that Tess had patched up.

I spread a thick blanket on the spot of rusty metal I was going to sleep on. Then, after that, I stretched out on it and used my other blanket to wrap around myself.

I tried to close my eyes, to not think about all the horrible things out there that Tess might be dealing with.

It was some time later. I had gotten some sleep when I heard a weird noise. It sounded like stone dragging itself across the ground.

I shuddered, wondering what kind of creature it was. I felt the weird urge to turn around, but I resisted it. I hear the buses door getting torn off its hinges, and then I looked. Standing outside of it looked like a stone angel. It’s face was covered by it’s hands. It appeared to be crying.

“How’d you get here?” I asked softly. It wasn’t moving now, but that didn’t explain how she got here.

I didn’t want to take my eyes off her.

I blinked, and she was half an inch from me, her hand outstretched.

I cried out, startled, and fell backward. It was as still as it was once before.

Moving quickly backward, I couldn’t even blink or this thing would get me. Somehow, it could move fast only when I wasn’t looking at it.

I stumbled over a seat, but I didn’t lose eye contact with the statue. I knew that if I did, it would either kill me or do something even more sinister.

I managed to move around the angel while still looking at it. I stood in the doorway of the bus, knowing that when I round the corner, it would move.

I braced myself, and turned the corner. I moved backward, keeping my eyes on the door from where it would emerge.

But it didn’t appear.

I sat there, waiting tensely for five minutes, but it didn’t come out. I was tempted to look inside, but I decided not to. When I was getting ready to leave, I realized Tess wouldn’t know where I would have gone.

Should I wait for her?

I thought about if she would even come back.

I’ll just wait.

And I did.

I sat there.

For days. She didn’t return. I knew I had to go out and find her. She wasn’t dead. She couldn’t be dead. She was too much of a survivor.

See, that’s one good part about taking survival classes for multiple summers. We knew how to hunt somewhat, and build a decent shelter, though usually we’d just find an abandoned building or a car or sleep in a tree.

But there was no way to track her down. She didn’t tell me where she was going. There were small settlements near by, but would she go to them? The best bet was to go to each settlement in the area, asking about her.

It wouldn’t be easy, but what other choice did I have? It was my best bet. I wanted to stay around a little longer, just in case she did come back, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I looked mournfully at the old bus, and I set out on my way.

I didn’t have any supplies, which was unfortunate, but I’d gather stuff if I needed it.

The most important thing right now was locating Tess.

I knew a small village was about twelve miles away. It was going to be a long trek, and it was still dark.

A long winding path through the woods wasn’t ideal, but walking through an open plane was a worse idea.

Carefully, I entered the wood. The ground was spongy with moss and fallen leaves as I crept through the trees, looking around me all the time. There were fallen trees everywhere. Probably the result of a hulking beast passing through.

The nice thing about the monsters was there were good ones, too. Passive ones that would even help with the moving of materials, and fighting off aggressive creatures. One of the most popular nice creatures were these big fuzzy elephants. They had tusks to fight off predators, and you could ride them


They were a big hit among big cities that still existed. Now you may be wondering, isn’t there a safe zone?

Well, Canada and Antarctica were the biggest ones, Antarctica holding up to forty million people. They’ve expanded their territory by a large amount. Canada was smaller, holding thirty million.

The smaller safe zones were scattered around those areas.

Most people would go to the safe havens. Why not?

They were too full. No more people were allowed in them. There were lots of riots, and complaints, but the governments around the world agreed that no more people would be taken in big safe zones.

People started creating their own little safe zones out in the country. What was once a big, drafty barn was turned into multiple barns, and they were turned into small houses with barbed wire around them. As I said, some civilizations don’t count as safe havens. I never knew what the difference was.

I guess a settlement was aimed at being a place live, while a safe zone was a place of total safety.

All I knew was I wasn’t allowed in both, so far. One time me and my sister tried to join a small group. They said we couldn’t because they didn’t have time to waste minding children. I was super ticked off, but Tess let it go, like I knew she would.

Tess is that stereotypical peaceful sister. When it’s with humans, she try’s to avoid arguments and conflict.

With monsters, though, that’s a whole other matter. She’s vicious when it comes to killing them.

No mercy is her motto. Hey, you may think she’s savage, but when you have to deal with random monsters attacks constantly, they get pretty irritating after the first few months.

We try to run more than fight because, let’s face it, we may be survivalist teens, but we’re still just teens.

In the end, if a giant monsters attacks, we can’t fight it off with brute strength. Using logic is better.

Most monsters don’t cope well with logic.

Some are extremely intelligent, though. Like a sphinx me and my sister ran by. We were being chased by a group of zombies (Don’t believe what they tell you, zombies are fast) when we saw it, lounging in a play pit filled with sand. I guess it was the closest thing to Egypt in that area, but it still looked ridiculous.

I had looked at Tess, confused. What was a sphinx doing here? She shrugged, so we continued running by it.

All of the sudden, heat swelled in the air, and the sun beat down maddeningly hard. I looked around, and I was stuck in a never-ending pit of sand.

Was is a trick? Were was Tess?

“In order to escape, you must answer my questions.” A smooth voice rang out from nowhere, seemingly coming from all around me.

We had answered a few questions. I was expecting riddles or hard questions, but it asked stuff like, “What’s your favorite animal?” We both went with sphinx as our animal, even though it wasn’t true.

Eventually, it let us go, and we were back by the playground, with the zombies no closer behind us then they had been before.

But the sphinx had been gone.

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