Survivor in the mist

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When more than two-thirds of the human world is blanketed by dense mist, then... No more rules. No more laws. No more nation-states. No more governments. No more human civilizations remain. Only monsters and what's left of the prior world. In troubled times, a little hope is what they need.

Horror / Mystery
Matt Rise
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August 2025. Sometime around noon at the Gila Forest National Park.

“Batman-five, Batman-five, this is Batman-six. Over.”

“Batman-five, Batman-five, this is Batman-six, respond. Over.”

No response was heard.

Several minutes later, the Combat-Net Radio (CNR) suddenly gets a response but the person on the other end is whispering.

“Batman-six, this is Batman-five, I am on the ground. Over.”

“Batman-five, this is Batman-six, you have been out in the mist for two days. Break. You have been instructed to return to Headquarters immediately, over.”

“Batman-six, this is Batman-five, I heard multiple gunshots and explosions several clicks away. Break. Request permission to recon and secure the perimeter, over.”

“Batman-five this is Batman-six, that’s a negative. Break. You are not allowed to go down from your post in the first place. I repeat you are not allowed to go down from the treehouse and walk on land. Break. Prepare to return to base before sunset. Over.”

Again, there is no response from Batman-five.

“Batman-five, Batman-five, this is Batman-six, ... there has been no evidence of human survivors inside the First Ring of the mist after Z-Day. You are hallucinating. Break. Do not engage in any activity. You are allowed only to observe. Do not walk on land. Break. Stay at your post, and wait for instructions. Over.”

“Batman-five, Batman-five, this is Batman-six, respond! Over.”

Nothing. No response was heard, only silence …

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