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Locked Away

By Emily Hooper All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Adventure

Chapter One: The Outbreak

“Come on, Emily!” Emily’s best friend, Lydia squealed, pulling poor Emily around into Mr, Boudreau’s room. Lydia and Emily stood beside Riley, Spencer, Joey, Mackenzie, and Cloe while Abbey and Reyna played against each other in chess. “Move your queen there, Reyna,” Emily suggested, trying to help Reyna.

Suddenly, some boys from Emily’s class ran in, one named Riley held up his phone to Emily’s face. “Apparently some schools spotted Zombies on their grounds.” He claimed while Emily giggled, “Probably fake.” She said while Spencer nodded and laughed. “I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! We can finally go home and sleep in!” Abbey exclaimed, moving her pawn forwards. “True,” Emily said while reading on her iPod. Then, the bell rang. Time for Music class. Emily thought, grabbing her things from her locker.

After class, Emily and the grade seven class grabbed their things from their lockers and began to walk out the door. There were loud screams heard, and everyone turned to see Creston being chased down the hallways by a zombie. Emily tapped Riley on the shoulder, “Uh Riley, I-I think what you saw was right.” Everyone slowly followed the loud stomping and groaning noises. Creston ran towards everyone, panting. “I think I lost it.” He said, while Emily and Spencer put their hands in the air and yelped, “Nope!” Then everyone followed as Spencer and Emily ran towards the exit. They both tried to pry open the door but to no avail. Suddenly, a loud high pitched noise rang through the school. Everyone covered their ears.

Over the PA was Ms. Case’s voice, “Good afternoon everyone, anyone inside the school building will be locked inside until the zombie virus is attended to. Sorry for the inconvenience, goodbye.” The way she said goodbye made Emily cringe. “What does she mean by that?” Lydia asked, trembling. “I-I don’t know, but I think we’re stuck in here for a while,” Emily mumbled, gritting her teeth. Emily pressed her hand up against the window of the door to the outside, she sighed and turned towards the rest of her classmates. “We need to prepare, this is no dream. Everyone check around the school for supplies and food.” Emily commanded, without hesitation, everyone ran around the school and found supplies. They all made a base within Mrs. Scott’s classroom.

“Found some food in Mr. Dulong’s room.” Cloe, Mackenzie, and Lydia said, holding a box full of valentine’s chocolates, cupcakes, crackers, and some punch. “Most of been from the Valentine’s Dance we were going to have,” Cloe said, setting the box on a desk. “Hey, Emily,” Riley said, nodding towards the brown-haired girl. “You seem to know what to during this time. Any reason why?” He asked, Emily, nodded, “Learned a lot from video games, probably the best cut out for this.” Emily said bluntly. “We found some sleeping bags and flashlights in Ms. Mercer’s room.” Joey and Brandon said, handing them to Emily. “The overnighter we were having next week.” She mumbled, setting them on the table. “So, what do we do now?” Everyone asked Emily, while she turned towards the sleeping bags and rest of the supplies. “We sleep and prepare for the worst.” No one argued, they all ran and grabbed a sleeping bag and tried to fall asleep.

After a few hours, Emily woke up to the sounds of crying and whispering. She turned over to her right to see Lydia crying in her sleep and Elliot trying to wake her up and comfort her. “Lyd, wake up,” Emily commanded, shaking Lydia back and forth. Lydia soon leaned up and rubbed the tears off her cheeks. “Y-Yes?” She asked, trying to hide her tear-stained face. “Why were you crying?” “Just a bad dream,” Lydia said bluntly, rolling over again to try and fall asleep. Emily shrugged and turned over, falling asleep within seconds.

The next day, Emily woke up to everyone shaking her. She rubbed her eyelids and leaned up to face them. “What is it?” She asked, stretching. “Over there, by the window. There’s something outside.” Julian said, pointing towards the black outlined window. Finally, Emily noticed the low growling sounds and Lydia’s crys. Emily slowly stepped closer towards the window, holding some scissors in her left hand. As she got closer, the sounds got louder. She pressed the palm of her hand against the window and then, a creature with flesh beginning to rip off their body jumped to the window, almost making Emily fall to the ground. “Zombie!”

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