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Lycan Soulmates #3: The Lycan of Wisteria Falls [18+]

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Drema has just graduated high school, after being bullied severely all through her final years by Mae, who made Drema the target of her cruel games... Drema finally wants to take control on graduation night, also her 18th birthday. Facing the curse she was thrust into against her will 4 years prior, Drema will come face to face with the myth of the Lycan of Wisteria Falls. Dremon is waiting for her - but instead of being a curse, he may be the spell to break her string of bad luck... 18+ ONLY, HORROR EROTICA, HORROR ROMANCE

Horror / Erotica
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1: Look

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are the steps to reading the LYCAN SOULMATES series in perfect chronological order, there are a lot of side novellas, so I made this step-by-step instructional process of how to enjoy the series to max enjoyment. The best news? THE ENTIRE SERIES IS FREE. 18+ ONLY, very dark fantasy, horror-erotica, reverse harem, lycans, vampires, witches, sorcerers and more!!!

1. Start with Onyx Lycan Nightclub, you can also read Dark Academy at the same time.

2. After you’ve read Onyx Lycan Nightclub Part 4 ‘Demon Queens’ this is when you read Lycan Dystopia: Llyrian

3. Read The Lycan of Wisteria Falls

4. Read Part 5 in Onyx Lycan Nightclub

5. Read Lycan Nights

6. Read Wolf Fangs

Optional: Read Draconess [for full background context of characters that appear in Wolves of the Dawn]

7. Read Wolves of the Dawn

8. Read Part 6 The Moon Witch in Onyx Lycan Nightclub

The Lycan of Wisteria Falls : Chapter 1

The first gift for my 18th birthday is a dream, largely based around an experience… more an encounter with the supernatural… which I had 4 years prior, at summer camp.

It was the first time I saw the blood red eyes of a demon, staring in from the Wisteria Falls National Park... as my high school bully, told us a scary story.

Even while awake and making a cup of coffee, the dream and the memory is scoured into my mind.

“The Lycan of Wisteria Falls… is the ‘sweetest’ Lycan of them all,” Mae reads in front of the summer campfire from an old book she stole from the local antiquarian, “Rumoured to be the last of his pack, he wanders alone, with a penchant for killing men. No female he will touch. But men, he will gore…” then Mae dramatically goes off script, looking above the book’s pages, through the flames of the fire, her eyes dance to mine, glaring at me, “…and ugly girls… the losers… you know the kind who wear their pants too high and don’t wear deodorant, he can’t tell the difference, so you’re likely to be gored too, Dreamer –” my name was Drema, but she loved to change it to Dreamer, as if that was some kind of insult.

“Oh, come on, don’t get off track, Mae, read the story…” her friends urge her to focus.

Her small eyes don’t leave mine for a few more moments, as she smiles, “My bad,” then her eyes return to the pages, “The Lycan of Wisteria Falls is sweet because he is the guardian of our town. Through his presence, no other paranormal entity, comes near to torment. The price for his protection, however, is flesh. Who will feed this beast? Some give tribute, fresh raw meat, left out at midnight on a full moon… now we finally reach the part where this demon becomes unpredictable. This Lycan does not kill his prey. He wounds… or takes you to another realm… hell is likely… to summon this beast, if you feel in danger, while in Wisteria Falls, howl as he howls, call him, ask for assistance to kill the one who threatens your life…” Mae is looking at me again, her eyes dazzling with mischief, “One time you said you’d kill me, Drema. Remember?” Only because when I wasn’t looking, she fired a gun in the air off her parents’ property, scaring my off-lead dog, Whip, into the forest, “You were stalking me, Drema, walking near my families property, remember?” she adds, shaming me in front of everyone. The truth was I was just walking the dog. I had tried to defend myself so many times, in front of her, but the lies never stopped. So even now I remain silent, just sick of her little tricks.

But on this particular summer night, the lies seemed to rub all the others in the class the wrong way. While most ignored the constant word play off Mae, the mention of a ‘death threat’ and ‘stalking’ pits them all against me.

One student, usually quiet, though a close friend of Mae, starts to smirk before she imitates a small howl.

Mae laughs, immediately joining in.

Then in another minute, everyone howls, while passing me looks of disgust.

I sit very still, absorbing the mindless group bullying, but feeling literally impacted by it – by the sudden and sharp change in the air.

The hot summer breeze gets blasted away by a freezing front, silencing the other kids, and causing Mae to scream in excitement.

But then the fire, our only light source, burns low.

It almost flickered right out… some of the students blow onto it, trying to reignite it.

They manage to cause a flame to grow – before it withers and dies pitifully.

In the sudden darkness and ice cold air, we all look into the dense forest around us.

We all witness the paranormal.

A set of red glowing eyes, 9 feet off the ground.

First, we are all spellbound.

Then we’re all screaming, running back for the cabins.

From that moment on, I’d be known as cursed.

Everything would escalate.

The bullying, largely from Mae alone, would extend to everyone else who would catch, share and feed into the gossip of that one summer night.

Even my temporary friends would shyly move away from me, as they had been witness to the demon that night… which they all believed had answered the call to kill a threat… me.

It wasn’t a maybe to anyone.

It had happened.

As of this morning, I finally had a wish come true.

My 18th birthday; I was going camping alone.

Because today also happened to be graduation – and I didn’t want to be surrounded by assholes.

In fact, tonight I wanted to be totally alone.

I didn’t want to continue this path of constant detachment from reality, living in their make believe curse, believing in this demon no one would even hear of again. I also had no particular reason why I was the target of bullies beyond this one night, aside from Mae being the ring leader, her words being the catalyst. I had thought about it and cried about it for so long, but I was no different to everyone else.

My cruel fate was that I was chosen. The chosen ‘cursed loser’ of Wisteria Falls High… yup, what could sound more pathetic than to claim that title? But that’s just what it was and that was my experience. I was thrust into that spot by fate. And that night solidified my position forevermore. I made everyone else feel normal. And I had been too shy to speak up, largely because I just didn’t feel heard.

Well, not anymore.

One day, Mae made her choice to single me out and constantly poke fun at me.

Everyone else ‘followed’ from that point.

Today, I was making a choice of my own.

It was bullshit that I was the reason a demon appeared that night.

I was going to prove it, serve some truth to my peers and bury this past for good.

I didn’t want college to be the same experience as high school. I refused to be the butt of all jokes a moment longer. And besides, I needed to kill it – the superstition inside me.

I wanted to get the proof that this ‘demon’, this ‘Lycan of Wisteria Falls’ was only a myth, and those two red lights were a prank set up, not eyes, or maybe just bugs, or embers blown up from the fire in the cold front that night, something logical.

And well… if the demon was real?

I’d be fine. Afterall, this sweet Lycan didn’t eat women – only men.

Either way, tonight I’d kill this stupid curse.

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