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The scream (Flash Fiction)

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To some, an urban legend is simply that; an urban legend. But to others? It's a nightmare come to life.

Horror / Thriller
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The scream

Growing up my grandma use to tell me the story about the scream. She claimed that it could only be heard on Halloween.

She claimed that once you heard the scream, it was too late.

I believed her as a child. I mean, most children do believe in those type of creepy things, right?

Now as an adult, I have come to realize that the monsters are nothing short of human.

It was nearing ten at night on October thirtieth. The town had calmed down as the trick or treaters had all gathered their candies and made their ways home.

I plopped down on the sofa as I flipped through the TV before settling on some old Halloween classic. I grabbed my popcorn and kicked my feet up on the table as the lights flickered through the dark room.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but the loud booming knock that erupted through my house jolted me awake. I glanced down at my watch.


" Who the hell is at my door at this time?"

I let out a groan as I pushed myself to my feet and walked towards the door. The banging hadn't stopped once.

" I'm coming, jeez"

I grabbed the knob and swung the door open only to be met by silence. No one was there.

I stuck my head out the door and glanced around before stepping out into the cool night. Leaves danced around the dimly lit street as the October wind blew through the town.

I rolled my eyes. " Fucking teenagers"

I shut my door and began my walk back to the living room when the banging returned. I stopped and slowly glanced at the door.

" This isnt funny you little fucks"

I swung the door open but was once again met by silence. I stepped out on my porch and glanced around once more.

" Go home!" I yelled.

I turned to walk back in the house and that's when I heard it. The loud scream that almost brought me to my knees. I cupped my ears as I glanced back around. Silence soon followed.

A few minutes had passed when I heard the scream again, only this time; it was fainter; further away.

I didn't phase me too bad, that was until the urban legend my grandma told me come back and that warning.

" If the scream is loud, you're safe. If it sounds far off, it's next to you"

My heart stopped once the realization kicked in. That's when I heard it again. In my ear.


" Coming from Salem this morning. Andrea Marion has been found deceased on her front lawn. Law makers are searching for any and all clues to her brutal murder but the only thing that the killer seemed to leave behind was a note that read"

Beware of the scream!

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