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Summon me

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13 year old Kaitlin accidentally makes a deal with a demon while trying to communicate with her mother's soul, and not knowing the consequences sets free demonic beings that she tries to stop with the help of her dead family.

Horror / Fantasy
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A girl named Kaitlyn loses her family in what seems like an accident, as they are driving to the airport for a long awaited vacation and encounter a black shadow described as an animal they swerve the car and hit a tree, only Kaitlyn survives even though she wishes to have died instead of her family. She later ends up in an adoption center since no relative is willing to take her, and stays in a foster home with a miserable couple.

Desperate to talk to her family she steals a book from the lady next door that states she has a gift to talk to spirits and demonic beings, but little does she know it also contains indescribable evil.

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