Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Two - The History of Gorstone Manor

year was 1892 and Gorstone Manor as it used to be known was the home of Mr and Mrs Ernest Gorstone and their family of three children, Cathy, Emily and Sarah. The Gorstone’s were a rich family who had moved over to England from the state of Ohio in America. Ernest Gorstone was a self-made millionaire by the age of thirty and had decided that he would sell his share of the oil company he co-owned and retire to England, where his family could lead a happy and peaceful life in the English Countryside. He came across the gothic pile via an English relative. The Gorstone name was spread far and wide around several parts of the world and Gorstone had found the English side of his family searching through old records and located Jacob and Ethyl Gorstone who were cousins twice removed.

Jacob Gorstone had told Ernest all about a gothic mansion that had been empty for a few years while he was still living in America. Ernest liked the idea of living in a grand house in the English countryside and wired over the amount that the house cost, £90.000, at that price the house was a steal and he sent his cousin Jacob further funding for any work that needed doing to the place in time for their arrival.

The house was a very lavish affair once revamped and the Gorstone family lived a happy and fruitful life until disaster struck. Sarah, who was the youngest of the three daughters, was struck down by a tumour and her young body and mind could not cope with the hours of daily treatment to try and cure her. At the age of fourteen in the year 1893 Sarah passed into the spirit world. Ernest Gorstone was grief stricken as Sarah had always been his favourite. Then on 25th October poor Ernest died of a broken heart, followed in quick succession, two months later by his wife Anna. Cathy and Emily had grown into beautiful young ladies by this time and would have been the pick for any man in the village of Carfax had it not been for their reclusiveness. No one ever saw the two young ladies after the deaths of their parents and sister and some believed that they both went mad and either died in the house or were locked away in Carfax Asylum. Either way, the house fell into disrepair and was left abandoned giving rise to stories of it being haunted by the two sisters.

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