Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Three - Inside the House

The man now took out his flashlight and used it to guide his way towards the front of the house. He peered through the large ornate window trying to see what the inside was like, but the glass was grimy through years of dust and dirt. He made his way to the front door and tried the handle, locked, as he knew it would be. Reaching into the inside pocket of his coat, he pulled out a set of keys, he had acquired the keys for the house off a friend who worked in Plumbers Estate Agents in the town of Carfax. He tried the largest key and after a few moments he heard the click of the lock as it opened. The door creaked loudly as he pushed it open and a number of dark shapes flew madly about, “bats” he thought as he ducked down avoiding them as they made their way out of the building.

He swung the flashlight around and came across a large living room to the right of the entranceway. Striding quietly into the room, he could not believe how decrepit the inside was. The furniture that was still in the room looked damp and covered in green moss and a dank odour filled the room, causing the man to gag at first. He scanned the walls and noticed that there were still framed portraits of the Gorstone family with years of cobwebs hanging on them. He couldn’t believe that such a good looking family could be gone in a matter of years and all that was left was the decay and stench of death. As he was looking at a portrait of the three sisters with their father he had the feeling that he was being watched. Turning quickly towards the door he had a glimpse of a shadow vanishing quickly. “Hmmm, just my eyes playing tricks” he thought. However, he walked towards the open doorway and peered into the darkness of the hallway. He thought he caught a glimpse of the dark shadow again, this time heading up the first flight of stairs; this was followed by a creaking of floorboards. The man now thought that someone, maybe a homeless person was using the house as shelter from the winter weather. He edged his way silently up the stairs and onto the first floor. He went from room to room but came upon no one. Again he heard floorboards creaking, this time above him, and he climbed the next flight of stairs, he could see a door down the long hallway open and what appeared to be movement inside the room. Sweat was starting to form on the man’s brow and he took out his handkerchief to wipe it, when he heard laughter coming from the room ahead.

Taking out his mobile phone, the man switched to video mode, pressed the record button and began walking silently towards the door. He could now clearly hear the laughter and also voices talking. Now convinced that someone was playing a trick on him, he entered the room. Sitting in a circle on dirty rotten chairs were two females, their heads lowered, unmoving. The man switched his flashlight on and aimed it at the two females who then stared at him, their faces pale and expressionless, but with eyes as dark as coal and full of hatred. The man looked in horror and then in a flash, the two had vanished.

Outside the man took out a hip flask from the back pocket of his black jeans and gulped the strong liquid held within. He knew who he had to call and pulling out his mobile phone he tapped in a number and left a voice message and began to head towards the oak doorway, as he did, two dark figures were watching him from the window as he left.

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