Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Five - Arrival and Investigation

A few days later, Robert Simmons arrived at the old university building with Mark Sewell who was a tall lean man sporting a strong jaw line, sparkling deep blue eyes, and short cropped hair. Accompanying him was Jenny Cotswold, Mark’s long term girlfriend, who had been instantly attracted and captivated by his striking eyes. Jenny stood at five feet four in her stocking feet and had a cute oval shaped face with big blue eyes and a slender body which she liked to show off by wearing tight fitting clothes. Her long dyed red hair shone and bounced as she walked around the room. Simmons introduced them to the members of the P.D.A. and Diane Appleton brought the tea in and was about to go back to her work when Dan said “Diane, I think it’s best if you sit in on this, just so you know where we are going in case anyone needs us, or we need anyone.” Looking puzzled Diane sat down and listened to the two teams discussing what they were about to undertake. Before they were about to leave, Dan said to Robert, “I want you to take a look at this photo Robert, and tell me if you have seen anyone in it before.” Taking hold of the photo Robert took a long look and sank into a chair. “My God, it’s the two sisters I saw and caught on camera isn’t it?” “It certainly looks like them Robert, and Alice is convinced it is, so convinced that she has been physically sick for the last two days because of it.” Robert passed the photo to his colleagues, “But how did you get this?” he asked. Dan explained about going through his files and doing some digging for any living relatives and told them about Mrs Emily Thompson. “We have actually got real proof of the spirit world haven’t we?” Mark uttered aloud. “We have indeed and what makes it more interesting is that we are going to the very house tonight where they are residing.” chirped up Hector.

That night they found the lane that Simmons had first walked down in what seemed like an eternity ago, but it was only just over a week since he last set foot there. Parking the two cars in front of the old gate with the KEEP OUT sign on it, the investigators collected their equipment, which was stored in foam lined metal cases and also in back packs. Clambering over the rusty gate they began their walk along the dirt track, again, as before, the mist was heavy in the trees either side of the track and night animals squawked and chirped as they walked along. They came to the old oak door and Robert proceeded to push the old door open. All entered through the doorway and stood in the overgrown garden that would have been splendid in its day.

Looking up at the once impressive four storey mansion a shiver ran down all their backs as they could feel the negativity oozing from the building and then Alice said, “We are being watched from one of the upstairs windows. Two figures are watching us. My god I can feel hatred coming from them.” Simmons unlocked the front door and pushed it open. After taking in the ground floor rooms Robert told them about the kitchen at the back of the house which was in a slightly better state of repair than the living room. Standing in the once grand living room he said “We have to find out why they are trapped here, why they haven’t moved on.” The team looked around the room and began looking at all the old photos scattered around, and they also found an old newspaper dated 25th October 1893 with a headline story regarding the death of Ernest Gorstone.

Dark Alice sat silently, closed her eyes, and began to concentrate. After ten minutes Alice began to speak in a trance like state. “They don’t want you here.” She said “they hate men, all men, and will harm any man who tries to upset them.” Hector sat in front of Alice and said, “Do you know who they are, are they the two sisters Alice?” Alice continued “They are called Cathy and Emily, and they want us to!”

Hector took out his hip flask and then passed it around to everyone. They were now well aware of who the two spirits residing upstairs were. “So they have never left the house” said Dan Taylor, “But why, and why do they hate men so much?” “I think it has something to do with their father.” Alice replied. “He must have done something to them, but what?” “Do you think you could try and communicate with them Alice, or would that be too dangerous?” asked Dan.

Alice went into a trance like state again and for a while nothing happened, then slowly, her face began to change, she began to take on the image of another female. Robert whispered to Dan, “I’ve seen that face before, it’s in a portrait in the living room, and in that photograph I think its Mrs Gorstone’s face that’s appearing over Alice’s.” Alice’s eyelids sprung open revealing two huge opalescent white eyes, her mouth opened and she let out a hideous scream, and then collapsed, her head hitting the table.

Robert and Mark managed to carry Alice out of the house and down the lane to Robert’s car. After ten minutes Alice came round and as she started flinging her arms about in a panic, Mark tried to calm her. Eventually Alice calmed down and asked where she was. “Safe in our car for now Alice, you took a bang on your forehead in the kitchen of the house. When she had sufficiently calmed down she asked the men what had happened as she couldn’t recall anything at all. They told her about her face changing, the white eyes and the screaming mouth. “Just like the two sisters in your footage Robert.” replied Alice. As they were talking in the car, Dan using a knuckle, knocked the car window and asked Alice how she was. He also mentioned that the rest of the team were setting up the equipment. “Alice, are you feeling well enough to go back in there? If not, one of us can drive you home.” “You don’t think a bang on the head and a bit of possession is going to stop Dark Alice do you, lead the way boss.”

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