Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Six - The Sisters

Emily and Cathy stood on the first floor landing above listening to the people talking below in their kitchen. They were furious that people had forced their way in the same way the tall man got in before. He was with the people now, so it was his fault thought the two sisters. He should have known better they thought and evil smiles came across their deathly white faces.

All the equipment had been set up, they had locked off cameras on the landing of each floor, and one locked off in the room where Robert had filmed the two spirit sisters. K2 meters and motion detectors were placed everywhere. Infra-red cameras were set up on tripods and digital recorders were also in abundance. “Well if you’re going to do it’ve got to have a lot of equipment.” said Jenny Cotswold. As she said this, motion detectors started sounding on the first floor and then an almighty bang could be heard, like a door being slammed, then another bang and then another. “I think our spirit friends are letting us know that.... they’re here.” said Jenny smiling and imitating the blonde girl from the Poltergeist film. “I wouldn’t take it so lightly Jenny; these two spirits are not simple spirits who what to play hide and seek. They are evil and wicked and will do anything to get us out of here.” replied Alice. Then, as Alice finished speaking, the large ornate glass chandelier hanging above them started swaying slowly from side to side, picking up speed swaying even faster and faster. Rod turned one of the video cameras around and pointed it up towards the chandelier, as he did so it’s mooring in the ceiling came free. Luckily for all concerned, it smashed into a far wall and shattered away from them all.

“Shit, that was close, I think they mean business and are going to try their best to either drive us away or hurt us.” cried out Dan.

Hector came to a decision there and then, “I think it’s best if we leave here tonight and regroup at the old University tomorrow. The feeling I’m getting from this house isn’t good at all. And after what has happened tonight, I think it’s best for us all.” Everybody agreed and started collecting the equipment. Once packed up, they all left and closed the door behind them. Walking quickly they arrived at the gate and clambered over it. Opening the boots of the Austin A30 and Ford Saloon they packed the cases of equipment away, fired up the engines and drove away.

The following day after a well-earned sleep Robert Simmons rang the bell of Paranatural Detective Agency and was shown in by Diane Appleton. “Where are the other two?” asked Diane as they got to the office door. “I’m afraid they won’t be venturing to the house again Diane.” Sitting with Hector and Dan, Simmons explained that what occurred last night was too much for his two young associates. Jenny refused point blank to go back again and she insisted that her partner Mark stayed away too. “What about Alice?” Simmons asked, Hector explained that after an investigation Alice always needed a few days to recover and build her psychic energies up again. “Well she did go through it last night didn’t she.” remarked the tall man. “She’s got a very special gift hasn’t she, and she was brave to go back into the house after what happened to her in the kitchen.” Hector rose from his chair and went into the other office. On his return he had three glasses and a bottle of Bushmills. I don’t know about you two but I feel the need for this, I’m feeling quite unnerved about what went on last night.” The three men sat in silence for a while thinking over the events of last night and enjoying the warm liquid flowing through them. Dan broke the silence first “Robert, I know you have your team and I’m sure they will get over the events of last night, but for the moment, if you like, we’d be happy to have you work with us for as long as you wish. I say this because I watched you last night and you seemed almost unmoved by the events that occurred. You must have nerves of steel.” He said with a smile.

Simmons smiled back and said “I must admit I didn’t think I would meet other like-minded people, but you and Alice, you’re just like me! I like that! It makes me feel good and not so alone. Before I met up with Mark and Jenny I was a solo investigator, hence the reason I went to the house on my own in the first instance.” He raised his glass and smiled again, “I would be more than happy to tag along, as they say.”

The following day Dan was sitting at his desk going through the files of Gorstone Manor, with the added notes of their investigation attached when the office door opened and in walked Alice. Dan looked up and was shocked to see the way Alice looked. Getting up quickly he rushed over to her. “My god Alice, you look awful. What’s going on?” Alice stared at Dan as if she was looking through him. “There’s nothing wrong Dan, I’m fine, just tired that’s all.” “You don’t look fine to me; you look like you’ve not slept for weeks.” Alice stared at Dan for a long moment, and then shouted “I said I’m fine! Are you my keeper now?” “Hey Alice calm down, I’m just worried about you, that’s all.” Hector and Diane both came through from the other office after hearing Alice’s raised voice and were both as shocked as Dan was by the way Alice looked. “My god Alice, what’s happened to you, you’re deathly pale?” Alice spun round at them and yelled her blue eyes now as black as coal. “Ah the great man himself. Do you think you can stop me and get me out of my house?” growled Alice, “If you enter my house again you’ll not get out alive!”

Alice suddenly slumped to the floor and lay unconscious. All those present in the room just stared and could not believe what they had just witnessed. Suddenly the downstairs bell rang and Diane jumped, “Oh my god what just happened?” Diane ran down the stairs while the two men lifted Alice onto the leather sofa and lay her down. “Dan, see if there is a blanket anywhere, we need to keep her warm.” As he came back with a blanket, Diane entered the room with Robert Simmons. “Let me take a look at her, I’ve seen this before.” Robert knelt next to Alice who still lay unconscious on the sofa. Lifting her eyelids he remarked that her eyes were normal, and holding a small torch light over them he noted the pupils were reacting. “Let her rest for now, can we go into the other office and talk please Hector?” Robert explained to them that it seemed more likely than not that one of the spirit women had possessed her, and had been inside her since the night of the investigation.

Robert looked at the other three and said, “We need to get back to the house now...tonight, if we’re to save Alice. She’s in danger of being taken over completely by the spirit that’s inside her!”

Lifting Alice from the sofa, Robert asked if Diane would join them as she could be of valuable help, Diane agreed.

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