Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Seven - The Exorcism

Robert drove the team in his black Ford Saloon to the manor saying they would all need to concentrate on removing the spirit from Alice, hence no equipment. They got to the house and once again Robert produced his keys and twisting one of the keys into the lock opened the door. Alice was now able to walk unaided and as they entered the large foyer, she sprinted up the stairs to the first landing then up to the next. Her friends had trouble keeping up with her but Dan made it to the second floor first and saw Alice dart into one of the bedrooms. They all got to the open doorway and saw Alice standing in the middle of the room, her eyes as black as coal. “She’s possessed again.” shouted Robert, “we need to start the ritual now if we’re to save her soul!” They ran over to her to restrain her, but in an instant Alice struck out and sent Dan crashing into a chest of drawers. As he lay there stunned Diane ran over to help him up. Robert and Hector managed to grapple Alice to a chair and forced her to sit on it. “Dan, are you ok?” Hector shouted “We could sure do with your help!” Dan was helped over by Diane and from a back pack on the floor he pulled out long strong lengths of rope. “Now bind her arms and legs while we have hold of her. Make sure she’s secure!” Hector yelled above the screaming and cursing that Alice was doing.

Once secured, Robert went to his back pack and brought out a bottle of holy water, a large black covered bible and four crucifixes. “We must begin right now, otherwise it will be too late and we’ll lose Alice to spirit.” He passed the holy water to Diane and said, “Whatever happens, whatever Alice or the spirit says, don’t listen as it will all be lies to try and confuse and hurt you.” He looked at Hector and Dan, “Are you guys ready?” They nodded, and Robert opened the bible at the page where he had left a marker, and began the ritual of exorcism to cast out the negative entity that was residing in Alice. As he was reciting the Latin passage from the holy book, Diane kept sprinkling the holy water onto Alice and the two men held their crucifixes firm in front of her. A deep growling sound came from Alice’s mouth followed by a voice which they all knew wasn’t hers, “I damn you men to hell and rid you from this earth, and then I’ll let my sister take the woman, as I will take this woman!” “You will not have her!” screamed Robert “I cast you out of her body, I cast you out of this house, and I cast into the world of spirit where you belong! It is time to move over...NOW!”

They all placed their crucifixes onto Alice’s body as she was doused with more holy water; Robert kept on repeating the exorcism ritual. Suddenly a scream rang out and Diane flew across the room and onto the landing, hitting the wall she landed in a crumpled heap. “No don’t try to help her” yelled Robert, as Dan was about to break the circle. “We must finish this now or we may never save Alice!” The temperature dropped and the room began to get ice cold, but still Robert continued the ritual. And as he continued they could all feel another presence in the room. “We have the two sisters in here now, we must keep going!” Robert informed the other two men. Then as quick as the other spirit was in the room, it was gone, and before they could do anything Diane rushed in and knocked Hector off his feet, then she turned her attention onto Robert. Dan made a grab for her and as Hector picked himself up they both forced her onto another bedroom chair. Robert quickly bound her to the chair and gave a huge sigh. “Let’s take a break while they are both tied up to the chairs. We need to rest as this is going to be even harder now that the two spirits are in possession of our two ladies.”

The three men sat in the hallway with their backs against the wall watching their two friends through the open doorway. “Well I’ve never come across anything as bad as this Robert.” said Hector, but Dan reminded Hector of the time when he confronted the Witch of Brackley Copse when he was a kid and the fact that it scarred him for life. “That’s right Dan” replied Hector, “that was one ungodly creature to be sure.” Passing the hip flask to Robert, Dan asked him where he had learnt to speak Latin. Robert took a long gulp and replied “I was taught by my father, he was a priest many years ago. He’s passed away now, but he knew that one day I would be in need of the Exorcism Ritual and he’s was right. I’ve used it on six occasions now.” He was a very well thought of priest by the church, and they needed a priest who was willing to learn the ritual of carrying out an Exorcism. He spent years in training in Rome; he was only twenty two at the time, and was determined to go through the learning until he was ready. He came back to England a changed man; he said what he had witnessed while in training made him a firm believer in the Devil and negative entities.”

He passed the hip flask to Hector and was about to continue his story, when from the room came deep growls followed by manic laughter. “I think it is time gentlemen, are you both ready to continue?” The two men nodded in the affirmative and the three walked back into the bedroom. “The power of Christ compels you to leave these bodies and return from where you came!” ordered Robert to the spirits inhabiting Alice and Diane’s bodies. He asked Hector and Dan to repeat the chant over and over with him while all the time dowsing the women with the holy water. At last it seemed as if the spirits power was abating. “I order you, Emily and you, Cathy, to remove yourselves from this place and allow good spirit to take you over to the light, I command you to follow the good spirits to the other side!” The room began to lighten and the atmosphere began to change from dark to light. As this happened, the spirit of a young girl appeared next to the now unconscious women. She had a white glow about her and a warm smile. Dan held up his camera in a hope to record what they were seeing. Moments later the young girl began to move upwards and with her two other female spirits, they too looked at the three men and gave warm smiles, then all three vanished.

“I would say our work is done here gentlemen, lets untie the ladies and get them home, as they have been through a bad ordeal, as we have also.” Robert locked the front door of the house and as the others made their way through the oak doorway, he stopped and in his mind knew there was one more thing he had to do.

Dropping off his new friends at the University, Robert shook hands and gave them all warm hugs and vowed to see them again soon, but in better circumstances. He then drove to his own home and collected a couple of items and a holdall.

Getting back into his black saloon car, Robert Simmons turned on the ignition and drove his car along the quiet road. He looked at the clock on the car’s dashboard and saw that it was three am. It had been a long journey and now it was nearly over. The tall man dressed in black walked down the dirt track heading for the house he had got to know only too well over the last four and a half years. Once again he used the main key of the house to gain entry and as he stood in the living room he felt satisfied, the house felt cleansed and free form any negative entities. He turned back towards the door and with the slightest of smiles on his face he left the once grand house, locked the door and walked back down the lane to his car. Slipping behind the steering wheel he pressed the automatic ignition and headed home, away from the town of Carfax and Gorstone Manor. He would not return for some time.

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