Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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The Door of Darkness - Part One - Home Alone

It was Halloween night 1978; a desperate and somewhat bedraggled figure was limping frantically across a darkened suburban residential street. Laurie Strode dragged her injured frame up to the front porch of the Doyle residence. She began to pound on the front door screaming hysterically for Tommy to open the door and let her in. She looked behind her and to her complete horror she saw the pale blank emotionless mask of a psychotic killer slowly and methodically ambling across the street towards her.

Laurie continued to hammer on the door until a light illuminated an upstairs bedroom window. A small boy, Tommy Doyle rubbed his eyes and saw the distraught form of Laurie in the street below; lethargically Tommy moved away from the window and began his slow climb down the staircase towards the front porch door. When Tommy opened the door Laurie almost collapsed on top of him in her haste to get inside. Laurie then bolted the door from the inside and told Tommy to go back upstairs, she tells him to get Lindsay and get into the bedroom and lock the door, when Tommy asks if it’s the Boogeyman, Laurie’s answer is simply ‘Hurry!’

Tommy turns and runs upstairs sobbing. Laurie moves from the door to the telephone. She picks it up, dials a number and waits. Then suddenly she reacts because the phone is dead. There is no dial tone. She puts the phone down and stands very still. There is a slight breeze blowing her hair. Slowly Laurie moves around the couch, and then...

’What the frig? What’s happened? John Russell shouted as he stood up from the large bean cushion he’d been sprawled across most of the night, there was a mixture of gasps and giggling from his twin sister Debra, and her boyfriend Sam as he walked blindly over towards the wall light switch bumping into an assortment of objects along the way. John found the switch and flicked it up and down, but nothing happened, they were still all encased in darkness. ‘Power cut, I don’t believe it!’

‘Hey this is freaking me out!’ said Debra,

‘I told you that DVD was awesome, it’s my Dad’s favourite horror film!’ Sam said and he proceeded to make foolish zombie grunts to see how much further his girlfriend would actually go in the freaking out league. Eventually Sam switched on his phone and used the Light to brighten John’s bedroom, soon all three were using their mobile phones to provide illumination as they made their way down the stairs to the kitchen. John removed a plywood panel from a boxed in set of electrical fuses.

‘Well it’s completely not the fuses! Great!’ John then fished about under the kitchen sink and found a large flashlight; he switched it on and placed it under his chin, ‘Lindsay! Lindsay!’ John growled imitating a scene from the horror film they had been only minutes ago enthralled by. Debra was not amused,

‘I can’t believe this; its Halloween night and we’re all stuck in the dark because of a stupid power cut!’ Debra sighed.

‘Exactly, it’s Halloween, hey Debs maybe Michael Myers is outside right now, maybe it’s not a power cut, maybe he did it! Yeah, he went into Dad’s tool shed and got himself a pair of wire cutters and..’

‘John, shut up! You’re not being funny okay!’

‘Sorry sis just trying to have fun, you know what that is? Fun I mean!’

‘Look if we are going to be stuck in a house all alone with no power on Halloween, there must be something we can do to have some fun’ said Sam a little exasperated. ‘Hey I know, why don’t we do an Ouija board, all we need is some paper and a glass and we just have to...’

‘No Sam that is so lame!’ Laughed John, ‘But I tell you what isn’t’

‘What?’ Both Sam and Debra asked in unison.

‘Nah, it’s OK, you wouldn’t be up for it anyway, you’d be too scared’ teased John.

‘Too scared for what? Come on what’s the plan?’ Sam’s interest had been roused.

‘You seriously want me to tell you what the scariest thing we can possibly do on Halloween is? Has it not occurred to you already? Have you forgotten the town where we all live?’

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