Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Three - The Young and the Foolish

Halloween, midnight 2015. John and Debra Russell ardent horror film fans stood in front of the yawning mouth of the tunnel that seemed to grow up out of the ground at the North end of Carfax Abbey station. Behind them a little apprehensively stood Debra’s boyfriend Sam. All three of them little more than seventeen years old. John bent down and picked up a handful of track ballast from in-between the railway tracks, he threw the stones into the dark mouth of the tunnel, all three listened to the sound of them ricochet off the inside brick walls as they cascaded down onto the unseen lines below.

‘John stop it! Someone will hear!’ scolded his sister Debra.

‘To be honest I think we should go home now!’ agreed Sam and he walked forward and put his arm around Debra’s shoulders.

‘Come on, we came here for one reason, to scare the pants off of ourselves right! It’s Halloween right! And everyone knows that this is the place he haunts!’ continued John.

‘I’m not scared I just don’t want to get done by the old bill for playing on the railway tracks!’ Sam said. Debra pushed Sam’s arm off and stepped forward into the tunnel, she turned to Sam and winked then cupped her hands around her mouth.

‘Rolly, oh Rolly, come out, come out wherever you are!’ giggled Debra. The three of them stood silent and listened to Debra’s words echo and rebound over and over. She looked back at her brother and boyfriend before running forwards and becoming instantly swallowed up by the dark within.

‘For Christ’s sake Debs, come back, at least wait for us!’ John cried as he followed her inside. Sam jumped in too. All three of them fumbled and found each other, giggling and fooling as the tunnel’s acoustics caused a ringing din around them. Suddenly Sam silenced his two companions,

‘Shush! Listen what’s that?’ he said. Debra and John calmed themselves down from their fit of giggles,

‘What’s what?’ John asked.

‘Listen, can’t you hear?’ Sam whispered. All three of them stood quiet and still straining their ears.

‘I can’t hear anything Sam!’ whispered Debra.

‘There it is! Can’t you hear that!’ spluttered Sam. John was about to agree with his sister when suddenly they heard it. It was a squeaking metallic sound like somebody swinging on an old garden gate only a continuous perpetual squeak that seemed to be growing louder.

‘Oh my god yes, where’s it coming from!’ panicked Debra,

‘Behind, no in front, no, I don’t know!’ John said as his eyes searched through the penetrating darkness.

‘Everywhere, it’s coming from everywhere, oh my god its true!’ shrieked Debra.

‘Come on leg it!’ Sam cried. Debra felt Sam’s hand grip her own tightly as it yanked her along the tunnel, the crunching of the ballast beneath her feet was now suddenly drowned by the noise of the goose bump inducing shrill metal squeaking that seemed to be descending around them, it was then that Debra realised that it wasn’t Sam’s hand dragging her along the tunnel. John and Sam listened to the agonising cries of Debra from somewhere up ahead.

‘Oh shit, oh Christ, its Deb, it’s got Deb! I’m coming Deb. I’m coming!’ Sam screamed as he raced along the slippery tracks, suddenly he collided with something rigid and cold, it knocked him down and his face hit the stones. As he turned to look up everything went red, fiery furnace red, he could smell his own flesh burn and bubble under what felt like an enormous metal clamp.

Alone and terrified, John sobbed and whimpered as he called out for his friends, his hands were bleeding from the multitude of scratches and abrasions he had inflicted on them by repeatedly hitting the cold damp bricks lining the tunnel as he searched for the way out. Suddenly the tunnel was flooded with light. John spun around, the light was too bright for him to make anything out, but the noise was familiar, it was the chugging sound of an old steam train.

Turning to run from this new impending doom, John felt both of his ankles clamped to the spot, blinded by the light from the approaching steam train he tried to feel for the cold iron rails thinking his feet had become stuck between them, as he fumbled about he could feel knuckles, and then fingers, he realised he had been rooted to the spot by a pair of massive hands. Smoke poured from his ankles as the incredibly hot hands held him firmly, he screamed in pain. From outside the tunnel, no cries or screams could be heard, all was as quiet as the peace that emanated from the twinkling stars in the sky above Carfax.

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