Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Jennifer - Part One - The Seance

Penny Holmwood looked at her three friends and said “Come on let’s have a go, what harm can it do anyway.” Jason Thomas looked around the old house with a nervous stare, “I assume you have heard the stories about this place Penny”? Penny smiled at her long term boyfriend and nodded, “Yes I have honey, but what harm can it do, as long as we say an opening prayer and a closing prayer, we shouldn’t have any problems, should we?”

The four friends looked at each other and then glanced at the board with the letters on it that they had placed on the old wooden table in what used to be the living room of the old house. Kerrie Johnstone spoke up first, “Well I suppose we could give it a go, as long as it’s done correctly. I don’t want things going wrong, remember that Ghost Adventures episode when the spirit of ZoZo came through and caused loads of problems for everyone doing the Ouija session.” “Yes” replied Eve Johnstone, who was Kerrie’s older sister, “That freaked me out watching that episode as it reminded me of years ago when a friend of mine got tangled up with a paranormal group who kept holding Ouija board sessions and she ended up in a secure hospital as her mind totally went after it was claimed a demonic entity attached itself to her….and she killed her younger sister!”

“Well that isn’t going to happen to us I can assure you Eve, we’ll all be safe.” replied Penny. “We have got crosses and white candles and I’ve held sessions like this many times with my old friend Alice Washington, who is part of the Paranatural Detective Agency, also known as Dark Alice. She is held in high esteem in the paranormal world for her ground breaking work in the field of paranormal study.”

“Okay, let’s give it a try and see if we can get some kind of communication going.” said Jason, “I’m sure we’ll be okay, as long as we do it right.” Jason switched on his digital recorder to capture any spirit voices and a K2 Meter to see if a presence was with them, “Just in case we do get responses on the board, you never know.”

Sitting around the table, the four friends each placed a finger lightly on the planchette in the middle of the board. Penny began to recite an opening prayer, calling upon Angel Michael for protection for all of them and to cover the house in a globe of white light. Once the prayer was over, Penny asked if there were any spirits in the house, and if there were, would they like to communicate with them by moving the planchette to the letters to give answers to their questions.

“Is anyone with us tonight, and if so would you like to communicate with us?” Penny asked for the fifth time. This time the planchette slowly began to move across the board ending up on the word YES, it then moved back to the centre of the board. “Can you spell out your name please?” it began to move again, this time it went to J then to E, then to N twice, then it moved to I F E R. “Jennifer, is that your name?” The planchette moved to YES and then back to the centre of the board.

“How old are you Jennifer?” it moved to the numbers 1 and then 3

“You’re thirteen, is this correct?” the planchette moved to YES

“When did you die Jennifer?” There was a long pause. “Jennifer, when did you die, what year was it?” Asked Eve Preston

The glass slowly moved to the letters and spelt out….NOT DEAD

“Okay, who is making this up and pushing this thing, is it you Jason?” Asked Eve

“I swear to god that it wasn’t me pushing it.” replied Jason, who was looking pale and nervously looking around the room again. The friends sat looking at the board, and then once again placed their fingers onto the planchette. “Jennifer, where are you now?” asked Kerrie. The planchette moved again to spell out the word NEAR. As it did the lights on the K2 meter went from green to red and stayed on the red light for almost a minute. “My god, she’s in this room with us.” whispered Penny, “look at the K2 meter will you.” Everyone glanced to where the K2 meter was and it’s red light was on full, then just as suddenly it dropped down to the first green light and didn’t go back to red again. “Right I think that’s enough for now, let’s go outside and get some air after I’ve recited the closing prayer.”

The foursome left the house via the front door and stood talking in the warm summer night. “That was quite strange don’t you think Penny?” asked Kerrie. Penny nodded in agreement, “For the spirit to say it wasn’t dead and that it was near, and with the K2 going crazy, yes I must agree it was quite freaky.” “Maybe she doesn’t realise that she’s dead, and was actually standing in the room watching us.” replied Kerrie. Everyone fell silent for a while deep in their own thoughts about what had just occurred, and then decided to go back into the house. As they were making their way back to the living room they all stopped and looked up towards the long grand staircase. “Someone is up there” whispered Jason, “Can you all hear it….footsteps coming from upstairs?”

Jason pulled out a small Maglite torch from his jacket pocket and switched it on. “Come on ladies; let’s see who or what is having a little game with us shall we.” Jason led the way up the dark stairway and made sure he told the girls about one or two unsafe steps as he proceeded upwards. As they got to the first floor landing they could still hear what sounded like footsteps above them walking back and forth. “Shit, this house reminds me of the one in that film The Changeling, I just hope we don’t get chased by a haunted wheelchair.” whispered Eve “Not funny honey” replied Kerrie, “That film gave me night terrors for years when I first watched it!” Eve was about to reply but was stopped when they all heard the sound of a door slamming above them. “It’s got to be someone messing around with us, come on, let’s keep looking.” said Jason as he headed down the long corridor to the next level of stairs. The next level was more dilapidated then the lower levels and looked as if it might have been the servant’s quarters at one time or another. Ahead of the group was another long corridor with one door at the end of it. “It’s starting to look more and more like the house from…” The door swung open in front of them, “Okay, you’ve had your fun!” shouted Jason, “we’re not that easily scared off, so you may as well come out and show us who you are and we’ll all get along just fine.” All of them heard a female laugh come from inside the room and then the door slammed shut abruptly. “That does it!” shouted Jason He ran down the corridor and upon reaching the door, twisted the door handle and opened it wide. Shining his torch around the room he could see no one at all. Inching his way in, Jason shone his torch around the room; picking up dust filled and cobwebbed objects. “Come on out and stop hiding from us, we know you’re in here somewhere, as we heard you laughing.”

The four friends looked around but couldn’t see anyone hiding amongst the dust filled cupboards and old bed. As Penny walked around the spacious room, using the light on her phone she jumped and yelped at what the light source had picked up. “Penny, what’s up?” cried Eve. “Oh my God, it’s just a doll, I thought it was a person, it gave me a fright that’s all.” They all stood and looked at the doll, it was a large female doll, with long black hair, and was wearing a long black Victorian dress, with a black veil to match, which was draped over the dolls face. With her hand still shaking, Penny lifted the veil to reveal the dolls facial features. The face of the doll seemed childlike except that its eyes were a deep black, which seemed to stare right into Penny eyes. She quickly pulled the veil down and as she did dust flew everywhere. “Phew, well at least we know it wasn’t the doll moving around as it’s too dusty.” “I don’t know about that Penny” replied Eve, “Look here on the floor.” As Penny and the others turned to look, they could see a smaller set of footprints in the dust covered wooden floor. “Ah now we know someone is messing with us, as we all know, dolls can’t walk about on their own can they, well not unless they are the battery operated walking talking type you buy from the shops.” commented Jason.

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