Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Two - 'Dark' Alice Washington

The summer storm was at its height and the thunder pounded across the night sky, while the lightening lit up vast areas of the city of Carfax. Alice Washington had spent the day helping her mother tidy up her large garden. Since her father had passed away, Alice’s mother had found it hard to cope with the garden on her own. Now as the evening wore on Alice lay on her bed with her partner Erika Crosby watching an episode of Sherlock when her mobile rang. “Hello, Alice Washington speaking.” “Alice, I’m glad I’ve caught you, it’s Penny Holmwood.” Alice sat up and reached for her glass of red wine, “It’s been an age Penny, how are you these days?” After some small talk Penny asked Alice if they could meet up the next day at Café Rogue around eleven am. Alice agreed and asked what the reason for meeting up was, but Penny said she would reveal all when they meet up. Switching her phone off and putting it back on the night stand Alice snuggled up to Erika and carried on watching Sherlock after explaining the phone call to her.

The storm was still at its height and the lightening split the night sky lighting up the now dark bedroom in which Penny and Jason slept. As the lightening lit up the room again a dark figure stood in the corner looking at the couple with black hateful eyes.

Alice Washington sat inside Café Rogue sipping a black coffee, her head a little bit fuzzy after one too many glasses of red wine. As she sat there looking out the window she had the sense of being watched, turning her head she couldn’t see anyone watching her but knew someone was, the hair on the back of her neck began to stand on end, as it was then that she caught a glimpse of what looked like a girl of around thirteen in dark clothes. She turned around fully only to find no one behind her.

The bell of the café door chimed as it was opened and as she looked towards the door, Alice saw her old friend Penny Holmwood entering. She gave Penny a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Penny lovely to see you, you look great even though a bit wet” she said smiling. “Sit down and I’ll get you a coffee to warm you up.” After catching up on what each other had been up to over the last few months, Alice said to her friend, “So my dear, spill the beans, what’s so important to bring us out in this foul weather today?” The storm of the previous night had abated, but the rain still came down in torrents as the two women sat chatting. Penny looked at Alice and smiled, “We’ve known each other for a long time haven’t we Alice?” Alice nodded, “Yes a long time Penny and I still remember the times we spent in each other’s company, when we shared an apartment. A pity it didn’t work out with us but at least we are still great friends and I’d do anything for you honey.” Penny held Alice’s hand and smiled again, “I know you would Alice, that’s why I need your advice now, maybe your help too.”

Penny Holmwood told Alice all about the old house and the Ouija board session and what occurred afterwards and about the strange doll that was sitting on the broken down armchair in the old servant’s quarters.

“Have you listened to the recordings on Jason’s recorder yet?” asked Alice.

“Oh my word we forgot all about it. I’ll text Jason now and have him take a listen to it through his laptop speakers to see if anything has been captured.”

Alice looked at Penny thoughtfully and said, “Can you describe the doll to me?” Penny explained what the doll looked like to Alice and then said, “It’s strange but what we got on the board, the name Jennifer, her age, thirteen and the words NOT DEAD felt like it was a connection to the doll for some reason, but what connection that is, I don’t know.”

Alice ordered two more coffees and then told Penny about the image she saw in the café just before she arrived. “It looked like a girl of thirteen or there about, with dark clothing on and what looked like a veil of sorts over her head.” Penny nearly dropped her cup of coffee at this revelation. “My god Alice, you’re describing the doll from the old house, surely she can’t be real, it couldn’t have been her moving about could it?” “Did you get a look at the dolls face Penny?”

“Yes, she had a serene look about her, but her eyes were jet black.”

“Do you believe in objects being possessed by negative entities Penny?”

“I’ve read stories about it, but I always thought it was just folk law.”

“No Penny, it can and does happen, if a spirit wants to attack someone…”

Alice was interrupted by the song Under my Wheels by Alice Cooper coming from Penny’s phone.

“Hey, great tune Penny.” Penny pressed the button on her cell phone and heard Jason’s voice on the other end, “Hey love are you still with Dark Alice?” Penny said she was. “Well the two of you need to get back here now and take a listen to what has been caught on the recorder; it’ll blow your minds baby.”

As they entered Penny’s apartment, Jason was in the kitchen and as he came out he had a bottle of red wine and three glasses. “I don’t know if this will be strong enough after you hear what we have captured on the recorder.” said Jason as he placed the wine and glasses onto the coffee table. Jason poured three full glasses of wine and then sat in front of his laptop, “I’ve managed to pick out the EVP’s and separate them from the whole recording to save time trawling through the whole thing. Here is the first section.” Clicking on the programme he had transferred the sounds to, he turned the volume up slightly, “Now listen to this ladies.”

“Is anyone with us tonight, and if so, would you like to communicate?” An ethereal voice then said “YES”

“Can you spell out your name please?” The same ethereal voice said “JENNIFER”

“How old are you Jennifer?” again the same voice replied “Thirteen”

“Jennifer, when did you die, what year was it?” This time the voice was stronger and sounded defiant “I AM NOT DEAD!”

Penny looked shaken and drained her glass in two gulps. “Oh my god, we have caught her voice, she was actually talking as well as spelling things out. Shit…that is amazing…and scary at the same time.” Picking up the wine bottle she re-filled her glass. “Hey Penny are you okay, your hand is shaking like anything.” enquired Jason.

“Yes, I’m fine, just a bit stunned to tell you the truth. We’ve had EVP captures before, but nowhere near as good as those ones.”

“This is the best evidence we have ever recorded and we also saw the letters being spelt out at the same time as Jennifer was talking.” said Jason

Alice sat quite for a few minutes and then said, “I feel the spirit is not what it appears to be. It is darker than you think. Jason, I told Penny that before she got to the café, I had a sighting, only a fleeting image, but it was of a girl around the age of thirteen. And when I asked Penny to describe what the doll looked like, it appeared to be the same as what I saw.”

“What! You’re not trying to tell me that the spirit of Jennifer is a doll, come on get real.” retorted Jason, “Things like that don’t happen, not in this day and age.”

“So who was walking around the upstairs room and what about the female laugh you said you all heard. There was no one in that room except the doll, and footsteps in the dust covered floor. Answer me that Jason.” responded Alice.

“Hey, I’m just saying Alice, no need to have a go at me. Listen let’s try and figure this thing out. I’ve ordered pizza for us all, it should be here shortly. While we eat we can go through the facts and see what we come up with, deal.” said Jason trying to calm things down.

Alice went over to Jason and gave him a hug, “Sorry hun, I didn’t mean to have a go. I just feel a bit freaked out by what I saw and now the voices.” “No worries” said Jason kissing Alice on the cheek. As he did, the doorbell rang, “Ah that will be the pizza delivery, hope you’re both hungry, because I am” he said as he went to open the door.

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