Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Three - The Incident in the Forest

While they tucked into the two pizzas Jason had ordered, they went through the facts together and played the eerie voice of Jennifer a number of times.

“Well I can’t say it’s not beyond the realms of reality that the doll could be somehow connected to what went on that night. But I need more proof that’s all” said Jason.

“Well the only way to get to the truth is to go back to the house and hold another vigil there and see if we get any more evidence” said Penny

“Well I’ll come along if that’s okay” said Alice “Hector and Dan are over in Wales investigating a strange mystery there, so if you want me to come along….”

Both Jason and Penny agreed and Penny text Eve and Kerrie to see if they would be able to attend. Minutes later Eve phoned and said she would come, but her sister Kerrie wasn’t able to attend as she was feeling ill, so she was staying with their parents for a few weeks. They agreed on going back to the house on the Friday night, which gave them two days to prepare themselves.

In the abandoned asylum all was quiet, the dust lay untouched on the floors and the plaster occasionally fell from the walls and ceilings as damp and decay began to consume the once grand Victorian building. In cell 15 the spiders were the only living things, weaving their webs over everything, except for one thing, a doll.

The team gathered together in the local Wetherspoons, which in its day, used to be an old cinema, and over a couple of drinks and curries, began discussing the best way to find the answers they needed to their many unanswered questions, regarding the spirit of Jennifer, and the doll.

“Hey Eve, how’s Kerrie feeling now, have you heard from her?” asked Penny

“She still wasn’t feeling too good; to be honest she’s not been well since we last went to that house. She just seems out of sorts lately.” Replied Eve

“Well let’s hope it’s nothing serious hun.” Penny replied.

“So what’s our plan of action for tonight, another session with the Ouija board or just try and get more evidence of Jennifer’s spirit?” asked Jason.

Alice Washington looked at them all for a minute then said “I think we should first go up to the servants’ quarters as I want to take a look at the doll and see if it resembles the image I saw in the café the other day.”

“Good idea and I think it’s also a good idea if we all travel in the one car. We can go in my 4 x 4, plenty of room for us all and the equipment.” Replied Jason

“That settles it then, should we make a move now that we’ve eaten, and get to the old house?” asked Penny

As Jason was steering the 4x4 along the road taking them through the dense forest, the atmosphere inside the vehicle was tense, everyone sat quiet, deep in their own thoughts. Jason steered the vehicle around a bend, and as he did so, he caught sight of what appeared to be a person standing in the middle of the road. Penny spotted it too and screamed “Jason, watch out!” Jason swerved the car to the right and just missed what they could now see was a female in dark clothing and long dark hair. Jason slammed on the breaks, “Jesus, did you see that, what the hell is she doing in the middle of the road!” The four friends got out the car and to their utter amazement could find no sign of the female figure that was, moments earlier, standing in the road. Suddenly they all heard shrieking laughter coming from somewhere, but from where, they couldn’t tell as it seemed to surround them.

“Quick everyone in the car now!” shouted Alice “Move it Jason, now!!!”

Jason switched the engine on and put his foot down, driving as fast and as safely as he could down the now dark forest road.

“Who or what was that?” asked Jason

“At a guess I would say that what we have just seen and heard was the spirit of Jennifer.” Replied Alice, “She looks exactly like the image I saw in the café and the way Penny described the doll, I would say she is using the dolls image to project herself into our world.”

“So, do we carry onto the house or not after what just happened?” asked Jason

“I think we should, we need to try and communicate with the spirit of Jennifer and try and help her move over towards the light.” Replied Penny

“But we don’t even know if she wants to or will move over to the light do we?” Eve added. “And she appears to be intent on trying to harm us too.”

As they drove along the forest road, Dark Alice sat quiet and still, as if she had fallen into a kind of trance. Eve stole a glance at Alice and then lightly shook her shoulder, “Alice, Alice, are you ok…..Alice.” she said loudly this time as she shook her again. Suddenly Alice slumped to one side as if asleep.

“What’s happened Eve?” cried Penny. “It’s Alice she’s slumped over to one side, one minute she was fine the next thing…” Eve was cut short as Alice suddenly lunged at her. Alice tried to grab Eve by the throat, eyes wide like a crazed person and yelled, “You will not send me over to the other side, and I am more powerful than you think!”

Eve managed to push Alice away as Jason pulled the car to a screeching halt. Jumping out the car he ran round to the side of the car where Alice sat. Opening the car door he grabbed Alice about the shoulders and began to drag her out the vehicle. By this time both Penny and Eve had joined him and helped Alice to her feet. Alice looked at them in surprise “What is going on, are we at the house Yet?” All three of them stared at Alice and Penny asked if she was alright. “Alice looked around her and at her colleagues “Why are you all looking at me like that?” she asked. Eve explained to Alice what had occurred moments earlier in the car, and Alice looked worried. “The spirit of Jennifer, if it is her spirit, is more powerful than I thought. If she can transpose herself into my body, then we are going to need more help to move whoever it is over to the spirit world. Penny mentioned what Alice or the spirit of Jennifer had said moments earlier that she was more powerful than we think. Alice got her mobile phone out and tapped in a number. “I need to make a call right now”

When Alice came off the phone she requested that Jason turn the car around and head back to town. She told them that she had been talking to Dan Taylor, one half of the Paranatural Detective Agency, and that he had some rather interesting information about the Henshaw family. She also told them that at the moment she felt it would be better if they stayed away from the old Henshaw house for the time being.

The four friends now sat in the comfort of the PDA rooms which were located at the old University of Carfax. Dan Taylor had provided tea and sandwiches for them, but all seemed too unnerved to eat anything. Between them they told Dan about what had occurred earlier, the séance session held previously in the house and of the other strange events that had occurred. Turning to Dan, Jason asked how come he was back here in Carfax, as Alice had told them all he was investigating a case in Wales with Hector. Dan looked serious as he replied, “As soon as Alice told me which house you had all been to last week, I knew I had to come back to try and help.”

“But why, surely Hector needs your services more than we do, after all we have Alice helping us.” Replied Jason

“I’ve only come back to give you an insight into Jennifer Henshaw and what became of her. As you know the old Henshaw mansion is possibly one of the oldest houses in Carfax alongside old Gorstone Manor, which Alice knows very well.” Alice nodded in agreement. “When Alice told me on the phone earlier where you were planning on going, I insisted that you return here and meet me. As you know we have a vast collection of literature on the paranormal in our rooms here which Hector and myself have been gathering over the years and the Henshaw house is included in that collection.”

“What is it about the house and why is there such an air of horror around it?” asked Penny

“Well what lead you to go there in the first place?” asked Dan

“Jason and I have always been interested in the paranormal and old spooky looking buildings, we would love to get into old Carfax Asylum one day and see what we could get from there.” Replied Penny.

Dan looked even more serious, “I wouldn’t take the risk of going in there if I was you Penny.” Penny was just about to reply when Dan continued, “Let me get the file on the Henshaw family and once I’ve read what happened all those years ago, maybe you’ll give up your investigation into Jennifer Henshaw.”

Dan returned from the other room where all the PDA files were stored and sitting down, read out the sad history of the Henshaw family.

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