Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Four - The Story of the Henshaw Family

A half hour drive out of Carfax, takes you through the village of Stonely Bray and another road takes you through a dense forest, which in turn leads to another village called Cresington Rise. This is where the old house is situated just on the edge of the village. The house once belonged to a local family by the name of Henshaw, who suffered immense bad luck whilst living in the house. Jack Henshaw was involved in property development which made him a very wealthy man indeed.

His wife Annie was a teacher in the local school and was a favourite with all the children. Their only daughter Jennifer was a strange child, never seeking friendship with the other children and after struggling with her studies in school, it was decided that her mother would teach her at home at weekends as well as her continuing her school studies.

For her eighth birthday Jennifer’s parents bought her a Victorian doll, and it is believed that she used to constantly talk to her doll, which she called Amy, and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her. It is also believed that she would sit for hours reading aloud to the doll. Now in those days, this would have been classed as very odd, but as Jennifer didn’t have friends of her own, her parents let it pass until one day, the girl’s father, who had heard Jennifer talking to her doll, heard a voice replying to her. Now thinking that his daughter had gone insane, he took it upon himself to have his only daughter locked up in an asylum. His wife Annie begged him to get Jennifer released from the asylum after seeing the deplorable conditions in there after visiting her daughter. But Mr Henshaw wouldn’t relent and a number of weeks later the girl’s mother, beside herself with grief, proceeded to throw herself from the top floor window, ending her life. At that exact time, Jennifer Henshaw ended her own life by hanging herself in her cell in the asylum. And watching her as she did this was her doll Amy. Jennifer had screamed constantly day and night for her doll to be with her when she was first incarcerated, so word was sent to her mother and Amy and Jennifer were reunited.

Dr Arnold Watson, the village doctor arrived to inspect the body of Mrs Henshaw and declared that the death was a suicide, that no one else was involved. The police who had been alerted to the scene then travelled from the Henshaw house to Carfax Asylum to inspect the strange death of Jennifer which according to the village doctor’s report and the coroners’ reports happened at the exact same time. Mr Henshaw, now a broken man, packed his belongings and left the house to its own fate never to be seen again in the town of Carfax.

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