Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Five - The Death

The room was silent for a few minutes then Eve spoke up, “What a sad sad story, my heart goes out to the Henshaw family and I for one agree with Dan, we shouldn’t go back to the house ever again. Let’s just leave it alone and forget we ever went there.”

But Penny, Jason and to a point, Alice, knew they had to go back and they also knew they had to get into Carfax Asylum, as they believed the answers they were looking for lay there. As Penny was about to say something they all heard a mobile phone ringing. Eve opened her bag and took out her phone. “Hi mum, how are you?”

As she was speaking Eve began to sob and could hardly speak to whoever was on the other end of the call. “Yes, yes okay, I’ll come straight away, I, I can’t believe it….” Eve switched her phone off and looked at her friends with tears streaming down her face. “Eve what is it, what has happened?” asked Penny. Eve stood up saying “I’ve got to go right now. That was mum….Kerrie is dead!”

Jason offered to drive Eve to her parents’ house; he knew Eve was in too much of a mess to drive there on her own. As they travelled along Eve sat quietly sobbing, Jason felt for her immensely as she and Kerrie were the closest sisters he knew and had shared the same apartment for years and did everything together.

Jason stole a quick look at Eve and asked “Do they know what happened….how she died Eve?”

Wiping her eyes and blowing her nose, Eve told Jason that Kerrie was found hanging in the attic of the house by her dad. He had cut her down but it was too late. Eve began sobbing loudly and Jason felt even sorrier for her, but also wondered why Kerrie had taken her own life.

Jason pulled the 4 x 4 alongside the road as he couldn’t park in the driveway as it was filled with a police car and an ambulance and Eve and Kerrie’s parent’s car. Eve let herself in and Mrs Johnstone hugged Eve tightly and the pair began sobbing. Mr Johnstone came out into the hallway and Jason introduced himself to him. “Thank you for driving Eve here Jason, it’s much appreciated.” Jason gripped the older man’s hand and said “Eve is a good friend of mine and my girlfriend Penny, it was the least I could do.”

As they were talking a tall man in a sombre grey suit walked up to them and introduced himself to Jason. “Hello, I’m Superintendent Joe Welsh; I’ve been called here from Carfax Police Headquarters to investigate the death of Kerrie Johnstone. May I ask who you are young man?” Jason introduced himself and nodded to Eve and let Welsh know who she was. Welsh asked him if he could spare a few minutes as he wanted to ask some questions in regards to Kerrie’s state of mind the last time he saw her.

“I would say her state of mind was as sound as yours or mine Superintendent.” Welsh looked around the living room and walked up to a mahogany side board which had a number of photos on the top of it. Picking one up and studying it he commented, “Well they certainly seemed happy in this photo; did Kerrie live here with her parents?”

“No, they shared an apartment in Carfax, which is where I also live with my girlfriend Penny Holmwood.” replied Jason.

Welsh studied Jason for a minute and then said, “I believe you and your friends and the late Miss Johnstone were interested in the paranormal. The Johnstones informed me earlier. They said that their daughter had not been well since you all held a séance in the old Henshaw house a week or so ago, is this true?”

Jason nodded, “Yes we wanted to see if the stories we heard were true about the house, but got more than we bargained for.”

“How so?” asked Welsh.

Jason began to relate the events that had occurred that night at the old Henshaw house and the evidence they had captured, and the strange happenings since then. As he finished, there was a knock on the living room door and when it opened Penny and Alice walked in. “We had to come to see how Eve is coping and comfort her.” said Penny.

Superintendent Welsh looked at the friends and closing his notebook he turned to Alice Washington, “Miss Washington, or may I call you Alice?” Alice nodded and said Alice would be fine. He continued, “Alice, you seem to be the conduit in all that is occurring at this moment in time. Have you spoken to Hector Saint-Sanson and Dan Taylor about this yet?”

Alice said she had and that Dan had met them at the PDA offices and related the story he had told them about the Henshaw family, especially Jennifer and her time in the asylum. “Has Dan offered his help at all?” asked Welsh. “He had to get back to Wales where he and Hector are working on a strange case of sightings in Denbigh Asylum.” replied Alice.

There was another knock at the door and a female walked in suited up in white coveralls and walking over to Welsh introduced herself, “Hi I’m Suzie Stapleton, Chief Coroner from Carfax Hospital. A nasty business indeed, I’m saddened that a person as young as the victim took her own life, and for no apparent reason.” Penny stood up and walked over to Stapleton, “Hi I’m Penny Holmwood, a close friend of Eve and Kerrie Johnstone. We’re all totally shocked as they were two of the happiest people we know. Why would she Kill herself, why?” Penny began to sob loudly now and Alice and Jason got up to both hug her.

“At this moment in time I have no answers for you Miss Holmwood, other than it does seem quite strange that a women in her late twenties, totally happy in her life would for no apparent reason, kill herself?” continued Stapleton. Jason looked at all of them and said, “Unless something was in the room with her and made her do it.” Stapleton raised her eyebrows with a questioning look on her face, “What do you mean by that sir. I have it on good authority from the deceased’s parents that no one was in the room with her at the time.” Jason looked at Welsh saying “Maybe the Superintendent can give you an explanation Miss Stapleton, as he has written down everything we have told him that has occurred over the last two weeks, which might or might not give you the answer.”

The coroner looked at Welsh and he said “I think this would be best discussed in my office at Carfax Police Headquarters, rather than here. I think we have intruded on the family long enough.” He passed the coroner a business card and asked her to get in touch with him to let him know when it would suit her to see him and discuss the events leading to Kerrie Johnstone’s death. “Now I feel it’s time we should leave and let Miss Stapleton and her team carry on with her work here.” The others nodded agreement and after saying goodbye to the Johnstones and Eve they left the house full of sadness and remorse. Remorse because the four friends knew that what they started two weeks ago definitely had something to do with Kerrie’s tragic death. They also knew that they all had to put a stop to the spirit of Jennifer once and for all.

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