Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Six - The Dream

Penny began walking down the long corridor, which had open doorways either side of it. The paint was peeling from the walls and plaster lay in hundreds of small broken pieces on the floor littering the whole area of the corridor. Penny could feel the old plaster cracking beneath her feet as she silently walked along, pausing now and again to peer inside the open doorways into the cells that once held the patients of the asylum, now long gone. She wished that Jason was with her, but he had walked up the opposite corridor, which was in an even worse state than the one she walked along. In her hand, which shook slightly she held a torch to find her way along the dark damp passageway. As she continued to walk she suddenly heard what sounded like a whispered voice coming from one of the rooms ahead. She stopped and moved the torch about to see if she could see anyone ahead. No one was there. She began to walk further down the dark passageway and came to a stop when her torch picked out a shape in the darkness ahead. As she moved closer she could see that it was an old wheelchair which had been abandoned years earlier. Penny then heard a strange squeaking noise and at that instant the wheelchair spun round, and to her horror, she saw Kerrie slumped in it with a hangman’s noose around her neck. Penny screamed as Kerrie’s eyes opened and she began to rise from the wheelchair, her head hanging limp to one side, she began to move towards Penny and started laughing and laughing and laughing…..Penny screamed with all her might.

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