Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Seven - The Warning

“Penny, Penny what is it, wake up!” Jason was shaking Penny who seemed to be in a trance state but screaming loudly. Penny’s eyes opened and she looked as if she had seen the Devil himself. “Penny, love, you’ve had a bad dream. Here have this.” Jason passed his girlfriend a glass of water from the bedside cabinet, and she gulped it down in seconds. “Hang on I’ll get you some more from the kitchen.” Penny gripped Jason, “No don’t leave me on my own, please.” Jason helped Penny out of the bed and they headed towards the kitchen, and placed a glass of water on the table where she now sat. “I need something stronger than that love after what I’ve just dreamt.”

Penny related the dream to Jason once she had consumed her third Jack Daniels, and even though the amber liquid warmed her up she still shook with fear.

Jason looked at Penny and said, “But it was just a dream Pen, you’re still upset over Kerrie’s death, as are we all and that’s why you’ve dreamt what you did.” “No Jason, you’re wrong, there was a reason for that dream, and I think it has something to do with the whole business of the asylum, Jennifer and the doll, even Jennifer’s mum.”

“But why Pen, We know Jennifer and her mum both committed suicide and that Jennifer ended her days locked up in the asylum with her doll as her only companion. But I can’t believe their spirits are trying to harm us, even though I must admit it had crossed my mind earlier.”

“So why dismiss it now Jason, why shrug it off like a bad dream? I’m telling you love, this is something we have got ourselves into, and we have got to stop whatever it is that is happening or going to happen.” Penny poured herself another large drink and gulped most of it down in one. “I believe that the spirit of Jennifer is seeking revenge on us because we disturbed her spirit when we held the séance, and she won’t rest until she has what she wants….all of us dead!”

Suddenly the phone in the kitchen rang which made both of them jump. Jason walked over to it and lifting the receiver asked who it was. From out of the earpiece he heard a voice. “You will never get rid of me and you will never send me over to the light….I am coming for you all, and I won’t stop ha ha ha ha. You won’t stop me ha ha ha…” the phone went dead. Jason slammed the receiver down onto the phone. “My god, give me that bottle love.” Jason told Penny what the voice had just said to him over the phone and shook with fear. Penny grabbed Jason’s hand, “Now do you believe me honey? We need to do something and fast.”

Deep in slumber Alice Washington lay cuddled up to Erika, and had a serene smile on her face. As she lay there, she began to twitch as if something was disturbing her sleep. Erika began to do the same; suddenly both awoke with a start, hearts pounding. “What in the name of god is that noise?” Erika asked Alice. As they both began to be more awake they realised that it was someone knocking on the front door of their apartment. Alice looked at the bedside clock, “My god it’s three thirty in the morning, who the hell could it be?” Erika looked scared and gripped her lover’s arm, “Please baby don’t go out there to find out, please.” Suddenly Alice’s mobile rang, which made them both jump. “Hello, Alice Washington who…..”

“Alice its Penny and Jason let us in for God’s sake let us in, please!”

Alice and Erika sat in stunned silence as Penny and Jason related what had happened over the last hour at their house. “Jennifer is a much stronger spirit than I first thought, and she is determined to keep tormenting us until she gets what she wants.” Alice replied after a moment’s silence. “Yes and we all know what that is don’t we, she wants us dead!” replied Jason.

Dark Alice held Erika’s hand and looked deep into her eyes, “Erika you know how much I love and care for you, don’t you?” Erika nodded in response. “I want you to go away from here, as far away as possible, so Jennifer can’t get to you like she did to Kerrie, I don’t want to see you hanging from a noose as well.”


“No buts Erika, you need to leave as soon as you can, you can go to your parent’s house over in Dublin. Leave first thing in the morning, and once this is all over I will come over to Dublin for you.”

Erika looked at her lover and squeezed her hand, “You promise me one thing Alice,” tears were now filling her eyes, “promise me you will come for me after this is over, promise me you will end this evil, with the help of Penny, Jason and Eve and no one else suffers at the hand of that evil bitch!”

“I promise you I will.” replied Alice hugging Erika close and stroking her hair.

Alice invited Penny and Jason to stay at her apartment and showed the couple the large spare bedroom, “I’m sure it’ll be safer if we’re all together tonight, we’ll collect Eve in the morning providing she is up to helping us as she was still in shock when we left her. If she is too shocked I’ll ask Hector and Dan if they can help us.” Alice bade her good friends’ goodnight and retired to her bedroom with Erika.

The following morning Erika packed a suitcase and after breakfast and a very tearful goodbye to Alice, Penny and Jason she left the apartment slipped into her Ford Mustang and drove to Carfax airport to board the first plane over to Dublin. She promised to contact Alice as soon as she got to her parents safely.

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