Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Eight - The PDA Gets Called In

“I say Dan I’m so pleased we sorted that problem out in Wales at long last.” Hector Saint–Sanson said as he flung his well-worn scarf onto the leather sofa and discarded his black Crombie coat in the same manner. “Really Hector, must you always be so messy when you arrive here. There is a perfectly good hat and coat stand in the corner of the room?” moaned Hector’s partner in crime Dan Taylor. “Ah now come on Dan, why be so glum, it’s a mere trifle, and what’s more I think we have another case to look into which has caught my interest no end. So cheer up old sport.”

Dan looked at his old friend with sad eyes, “You’ve not heard the news then? Kerrie Johnstone is dead; she was found hanging in her old bedroom at her parent’s home two days ago.” Hector stopped in his tracks, his face, which was normally pale, looked paler, “You mean that lovely young girl we spoke to a few weeks ago who is a friend of Alice and co?” “Yes the very same girl Hector, and Alice and her friends believe it is all to do with an evil entity called Jennifer.”

An hour later Hector looked even more ashen, “We should have been in on this earlier Dan, my god if this negative entity can make people kill themselves and try and cause fatal accidents then it has to be stopped and stopped now!” Hector picked up his cell phone and punched in a number. After two rings it was answered, “Superintendent Welsh speaking, ah Hector, how may I help you my friend?” “Joe I believe you were called to the home of Mr and Mrs Johnstone earlier this week, due to the death of their daughter Kerrie?” The two men spoke for some time and at length Welsh agreed to drive over to the PDA offices.

“Thank you Joe for coming straight away.” said Hector shaking Welsh’s hand and offering him a cup of tea. “You wouldn’t have anything stronger would you? This is a terrible thing to happen to such a young lady.” Dan Taylor walked across the room and poured three full glasses of Jack Daniels, walking over to where the other two men were sitting he placed the glasses of dark liquid onto the small red antique Chinese tea table and joined them.

“Hector, said Walsh, I’ve never seen you look so distressed and pale. This has shaken you hasn’t it, and you too Dan?” The two Paranatural detectives nodded, “Shaken me more than I could ever imagine.” replied Hector gulping down a rather large mouthful of his drink. “I’ve always believed in evil and that it can harm people or possess people, but to actually know that it has done what I’ve always feared, it scares me to the very core of my soul.”

Taking a drink from his glass, Welsh looked at his two former colleagues, “Are you going to help Dark Alice and her friends, because if you are, I’ll be right behind you all the way. After seeing the state that Mr and Mrs Johnstone and their other daughter Eve were in after the girl’s death I will help you as much as I can. Believe me gentlemen, I too believe in evil. Before all the cases I have helped you with, I always thought that it was just man that could be evil, not the dead as well!”

“We are going to help Joe, the sooner the better. Dan can you call Alice and tell her to bring her friends here today.” looking at the large ornate copper clock standing in the far corner of the room, Hector continued, “it is now ten thirty am, I will need to freshen up and meditate for an hour, let’s get them to meet us here at twelve noon.” Then with a flourish of the hand he lifted his glass and emptied it in one gulp, “Now gentlemen, I must prepare for what I feel is going to be our toughest battle with evil we have ever encountered. Joe, Dan I can’t stress how much danger we could all be in…you need to prepare yourselves too, and fast!”

The door swung inward and out walked Hector into the large plush Victorian style office, to be greeted by Dark Alice and her friends. Hector gave then all a firm handshake, he was never a man to hug people with whom he didn’t hold particular affection, then he offered tea to all in the room. “I will prepare it myself as Ms Appleton is indisposed today, visiting friends in the North I believe.” Once everyone was seated, Hector looked around the room, and noticed someone missing, “Alice, where is Erika?” Alice sipped her tea and replied, “I insisted she went to stay with her parents in Dublin, she left this morning. I couldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to her, like it did to poor Kerrie.” Looking around the room again Hector was about to comment on another person missing when Penny spoke up “Eve is still in shock and is being comforted by her parents; she has said she wants nothing more to do with this. The horror and evil that is Jennifer has broken her completely. Her parents are taking her out of the country as soon as the funeral has taken place.”

“I totally understand both you Alice and poor Eve. Jennifer has to be stopped and for good and the doll has to be found and burnt and salt poured onto the ashes of its body.” responded Hector.

Penny related the nightmare that she had to the group as they sat around the Chinese tea table, drinking coffee and tea. “So you think you were in some kind of hospital in your nightmare Penny?” asked Dan Taylor sipping his tea. “Yes it looked more like an asylum rather than a hospital. The paint was peeling off the walls and the floors were covered in filth and dust, and there was poor Kerrie slumped in a rotting wheelchair with a noose around her neck, and…..Oh my god it was horrible.” sobbed a distraught Penny. Jason hugged his girlfriend and tried to calm her. “Whatever happens Penny, we will end this, and no one else will suffer!”

Hector sat with his back straight in his favourite leather armchair sipping his tea, “Alice, have you, Penny and Jason prepared yourselves for this evening? I ask because I feel that what we are going to encounter is something so demonic, so evil, that we are all in danger. But if we keep our faith and stay strong, we should be able to cast this evil entity into the light.” Dark Alice nodded at Hector, “Yes we are all prepared, I went through the binding ritual with Penny and Jason. The binding ritual is a spell of protection I have used over the years, which consisted of a mixture of herbs and that the three of us drank after I recited the protection prayer. I have brought a flask of the mixture for you, Dan and Joe to consume. I will recite the protection prayer now.”

Alice asked the three men to clasp their hands with each other while standing in a circle. “Angel Michael I ask you for your protection today and always. I ask you to cover all present here in your globe of white light, to guide us in our quest tonight to help a sick and evil entity over into the light. Help and protect us always, amen.” Once the prayer was completed, Alice poured out the herbal mixture into three glasses and passed them to each man, Hector, Joe and Dan quickly consumed the green coloured liquid and placed the empty glasses onto the Chinese tea table. “Now we must all eat, said Alice. “We need as much sustenance as we can get for the fight we have ahead of us.”

Hector looked at everyone and said “Well I had a feeling in my bones that we would need to eat heartily, so I booked a table for us all at “The Spice of Carfax” for six o’clock, I trust you all like Indian food?”

As they sat around the large round table in the Indian restaurant eating their starters the group of friends were all deep in their own thoughts with what they may encounter later on in the evening. Hector wiped the sides his mouth with the white linin napkin and placing it next to his plate looked at everyone at the table. “My friends, and yes I do consider you all my friends, which I suppose my come as some kind of shock, he said with the slightest of smiles. I truly believe that if we are to get to the heart of this matter, we need to go straight to Carfax Asylum and search every nook and cranny not only for the spirit of Jennifer, but her doll too.” All nodded in agreement, Dan was about to speak up but was interrupted by the sound of a mobile phone playing the intro to Alice Cooper’s song, No More Mr Nice Guy. Dark Alice reached into the left hand pocket of her black leather jacket and retrieved her phone. “Hello Alice Washington speaking.” After pausing to listen to whoever was calling she gave a smile, “Thank god you’ve arrived at your parents safely Erika. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.”

As she continued talking, the rest of the team carried on eating their meals which the waiter had brought over. Alice switched off her phone and slid it back into her jacket pocket, “Everything okay with Erika and her parents Alice?” asked Dan Taylor.

Alice nodded, “Yes thanks for asking Dan, she is safe and happy to be with her parents. They were frightened for her when she told them what had been going on here, and pleased that I had persuaded her to stay with them.”

Finishing off their meals with coffee and a cognac each member of the team once again fell silent. Each knowing what lay ahead of them, each knowing the danger that was involved and each knowing how murderous and psychotic the spirit of Jennifer Henshaw was. “Hector, asked Joe Welsh, what time are you thinking of heading up to the old asylum?”

“As soon as I have paid the bill.” And with a slight nod of his head the waiter came over with the bill on a small silver plated dish. Hector placed his credit card on it and waited for the waiter to return with the card. “Now then, ladies and gentlemen, off to Carfax Asylum we go.” He said as he wrapped his scarf around his neck then shouldered his black Crombie and donned his felt fedora. The evening had turned dark with a forecast of thunderous showers later in the night.

Jason, Penny and Alice rode together in Jason’s Land Rover 4 x 4, while Superintendent Joe Welsh offered to take Hector and Dan Taylor in his silver grey BMW. “Are you sure about coming along with us tonight Joe? asked Dan Taylor, I’m only asking as I know you had a slight heart scare a few months ago, and what we may encounter…well you know what I’m trying to say Joe.”

Superintendent Joe Welsh was not a young man and over the years of sitting behind a desk reading numerous case files and hours of typing on a laptop had gained a few pounds here and there. Welsh turned to Dan who was sitting in the front passenger seat and with a twinkle in his eye replied, “I wouldn’t miss this for the world Dan. I have sat behind that desk for far too long and need some excitement in my life.” Since Welsh’s wife Joanne had died of cancer three years previously he had been at a loose end with his life. Their two children had grown up and their son Peter had moved to New York with his American wife, while his daughter Jane had moved to the South of France where she worked as a fashion designer.

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