Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Part Ten - The Battle Begins

“Right we have no choice now, said Dan, we will have to sort this once and for all.” Pointing to a door on the right hand side of the room Dan asked Hector to take Penny and Jason through it and into the far end of the reception area. “Joe, Alice and I will go through this doorway; I want to trap the spirit of Jennifer and as we get closer, form a circle and then summon our spirit guides to help her over to the light.”

As the team entered the large dark area they began moving closer to where the cackling laughter could be heard. As they all neared the area, they switched on their torches, and were all shocked to see a doll standing still and staring at them. The doll was around four feet in height with long black dirty hair, and eyes as dark as midnight. But the worst of all was the mouth of the doll; its lips were peeled back in a rictus grin as if dead. Again the cackling laughter began and to everyone’s horror, the doll began to move towards them. “Everyone, hold steady and start moving towards the doll, it looks like Jennifer is controlling it somehow.” shouted Alice Washington over the manic laughter. But the spirit of Jennifer had other ideas and as the team made their way towards the doll, it suddenly leapt at Penny grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her to the floor. Jason tried grabbing the doll off Penny, but its grip was too tight, Penny was now frantic and began screaming, Jason began kicking the doll so its grip would weaken. Alice ran over and opened a glass vial filled with holy water and poured it over the doll. Almost at once a loud scream filled the dark room and the doll loosened its grip and began to smoulder. Jason kicked the doll as far away from Penny as he could and thanked Alice for her prompt action. Helping Penny to her feet, Jason held her tenderly and retrieved a small hip flask from his coat pocket, “Here Penny, drink this, it’ll calm you.” Taking the flask, Penny tilted it to her lips and as she did so the doll began to lift itself up from the floor. The team of investigators stood watching in horror as the doll once again stood staring at them all.

“What do we do now?” cried Penny, “it is pure evil and I for one need to get away from this god forsaken place now!” Alice held Penny by the shoulders, “Penny, we all need to be together to fight Jennifer’s spirit. Otherwise we won’t be able to send her over to the light. I know it’s scary and horrific but do we want her to win and try and make more people kill themselves, people we love and care about. Penny, we need to do this together honey.” Penny looked Alice in the eye and nodded, “Yes you’re right Alice, I’m sorry; she paused and looked at her friends, “I’m just so scared and that thing creeps me out. The evil I saw in its face was terrifying.”

Dark Alice gathered everyone together to form a circle asking them to join hands. “We need to now ask our spirit guides to come through and help Jennifer and all the other child spirits that may be here to cross over to the light.” The doll made no attempt to move any closer but seemed to be taking an interest in what the team were doing, its rictus grin now made worse by the holy water which had been poured over it by Dark Alice. White candles and a smudge stick had been lit to cleanse the area and Alice began the cleansing ritual, “I call upon Angel Michael and our spirit guides to help us this day to give the spirits of the departed in this building safe passage towards the light, and guide them to a safer and happier place. Also, to protect everyone here in this building while we undertake this cleansing ritual.”

Upon speaking these words the storm outside picked up again and heavy thunder roared above the building, lightening flashed illuminating the interior on the hallway and to everyone’s horror they saw the doll in the middle of the circle, looking directly at Dark Alice. “You think a simple prayer like that can move me on you witch! I am stronger than you think!” Jennifer was projecting her voice now through the doll and without warning lunged at Dark Alice, grabbing her by the throat, and she began cackling again as she held Alice firm. Alice began to gag and a low moan came from her mouth. Looking around the floor, Joe Welsh spotted a crowbar and took the initiative, breaking the circle he grabbed the crowbar and lunged at the doll hitting its arms, the doll broke its grasp on Alice’s neck and swung round to face Welsh, too late, Welsh brought up the crowbar and decapitated the doll with one swift blow. He then stamped on the doll, breaking its arms and legs off in the process. Wiping his brow with the sleeve of his coat, he looked at everyone around him, “Well at least Jennifer can’t use it again to attack us. Two attacks are quite enough for one night!”

Once again they formed a circle and Dan said the prayer to help the spirits over. The thunder rolled over head again and the lightening lit up the room, Jennifer’s spirit hovered off the ground near the old reception area, her eyes full of pure hatred and evil. “My god she looks like the Devil himself the way she’s looking at us.” broke in Hector as Dan was nearing the end of the prayer. Suddenly and without warning the spirit of Jennifer flew across the room straight into Penny Holmwood’s back. Penny cried out and fell to the floor in a heap. Jason stooped down next to her and as he reached out to touch her face, Penny grabbed him and threw him aside. Suddenly she was up and raced towards Alice Washington, “You bitch, I’ll kill you, all I wanted was a happy life in my home with my doll and my mother, but no! I was locked up in here because I talked to my doll. My father thought me insane, so he had me locked up. My poor mother killed herself because of him, and now I’m going to kill you, you bitch!” Joe Welsh was again the first to react and grabbed Penny/Jennifer from behind, locking his arms through hers. “No one else is going to be killed Jennifer, you took your own life the same as your mother did. Why do you want to kill this woman? What has she done to you?” asked Welsh. Jennifer via Penny’s body tried to struggle free but Welsh was too strong for her. He knew that the spirit of Jennifer needed to be inside someone to cause harm. “Ask the bitch who she is related too, then you’ll know why I hate her so much!” came the reply. Everyone turned to look at Dark Alice, “Do you know what she is on about Alice?” asked Dan Taylor. Alice looked straight at Penny, but only seeing Jennifer’s face, “Yes I know why, because I am related to her father. My mother’s maiden name was Henshaw. Jennifer’s father was my mother’s great-great grandfather. That’s why you hate me so much isn’t it Jennifer. But I have nothing to do with what your father did to you. He was a man who thought he was doing the right thing by having you sent here, but in the end it left him a broken man. He died a few years later of a broken heart. He loved you and your mother very much. I know this because I have his diary at my home. “I don’t believe you, you bitch, it’s all lies!” roared Jennifer. Alice stood her ground, “No Jennifer it is the truth, why should I lie. We’re here to help you!”

Both Alice and Penny/Jennifer stared at each other, one with hatred and one with kindness. Suddenly Penny’s head slumped down and she began sobbing her heart out. “Jennifer, we only want to help you. When you came through on the Ouija board we knew we had to help you.” said Jason “we can ask the spirit of your mother and father to come through and help you cross over, they will be waiting for you right now.” Penny’s head lifted and her face had now taken on the appearance of a young girl. “What about Amy my doll, you broke her to pieces?” replied Jennifer through Penny’s voice. “I loved her with all my heart and you have smashed her up! I can’t go without Amy.”

“What if we were to mend her for you, she wouldn’t be as good as she was, but we can try to fix her up for you. Would you be happy to cross over to the light then?”

“Yes but I need my mother here too.”

“Just your mother and not your father?”

Jennifer’s eyes blazed and then dimmed “Just my mother.” She responded quietly.

“You will need to leave Penny’s body, so we can perform the next part of the ritual. We will call your mother through first then when you see her, go to her and she will guide you to the light.”

“What about Amy?”

Joe Welsh walked over to where he had thrown the remnants of the doll, “I broke her so I’ll repair her. Dan do you have any duct tape in that tool box of yours?

Looking through his box Dan found a roll of duct tape and Joe set to work on repairing the smashed doll. Once he had taped the arms, legs and head to the doll’s body he stood it up as best he could. “I hope this works for all our sakes.”

Once again the team got together to form a circle, and holding hands they began the ritual prayer to bring the spirit of Mrs Henshaw through to help her daughter. Ten minutes passed and Alice suddenly stopped the ritual prayer, “She’s here, I can see her near the door, she is looking at Jennifer and calling her name. Joe, can you take the doll over to the doorway please.” Joe broke the circle and picking up the doll he walked towards the doorway and placed it near the door, a shiver ran up his spine as he felt a coldness envelope him. “Now Joe, come back to the circle, and help us to move them both over to the light.” asked Alice. She began the ritual prayer again, but this time asking the spirits of Jennifer and her mother to cross over with the help and guidance of Angel Michael. All was calm, even the storm had abated and a coldness went around the room, around each person in the circle, and as the coldness came upon Alice, a voice whispered in her ear, “Thank you for saving my daughter Alice, your great-great grandfather will be proud of you, as I am too, thank you so much.”

Five minutes later the air felt warmer, the atmosphere in the building had changed and a strong sent of flowers hung in the warm air. Outside, the sun was beginning to rise and at the foot of the doorway lay a small gold cross on a chain. There was no trace of the doll and all trace of Jennifer and her mother had vanished. Alice walked over to the doorway and bent to retrieve the gold cross and chain. “I think I’ve seen this cross and chain in an old photograph, I’m positive I have.” She walked over to her case and upon opening it she pulled out a file, inside she found an old sepia photograph, it was a photo of three people, Mr and Mrs Henshaw and their daughter Jennifer. Mrs Henshaw was wearing the very same

cross and chain around her neck. “I knew it, I was right. It is an apport, a gift from spirit, from my great-great grandmother.” Alice tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t and so she let them flow freely.

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