Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 1

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Back at the PDA offices Diane Appleton was preparing two pots of English tea and rounds of toast and marmalade for the very weary but satisfied team of investigators.

Sitting sipping his tea, Hector Saint-Sanson looked at all his friends, old and new and smiled. Raising his cup in the air he said “A toast to my friends, old and new and to those who have left us.” All raised their tea cups as he continued, “I shall never forget the courage and strength of you all over what I can honestly say has been one of the hardest case I’ve ever taken part in, my deepest respects to all of you here, thank you. My heart goes out to Mr and Mrs Johnstone and Eve for the loss of their loved one. Also to Alice’s partner Erika, who must be worried sick with what has happened. Have you let her know that you are safe Alice?” Alice Washington nodded in the affirmative, “I called on our way back here, and she is overjoyed that we all survived the horror of Carfax Asylum and is preparing to leave Dublin today.” Hector smiled and also congratulated the team for not only moving the spirit of Jennifer over but with the help of all their spirit guides the spirits of the children as well, whose remains were to be buried in a large plot in Carfax Cemetery once the DNA had been studied.

Hector looked at Penny Holmwood who was sitting next to him, taking her hand in his; he asked her if she was feeling alright. Penny looked at Hector with tired bloodshot eyes and gave a half smile, “I am now that it is all over. I know one thing for sure, and that is, I’ll never ever mess with the Ouija board again. Using a thing like that only causes trouble….and death!” Penny broke down again sobbing her eyes out; Hector put his arm around her and held her until her sobbing subsided.

“We’ve all had a traumatic time during the last few weeks and all we can do is try and put it behind us. But our work must continue, we must continue to help spirit that are trapped on this plain and help people who are tormented by spirit, good or bad.

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