Justifiable Homicide

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Selena went to the Save Mart where she'd been taken. She parked the Crown Vic next to her Jeep. She saw the two bags of groceries by her rear bumper, right where she'd left them. The bag that she thought would fall over had in fact stayed upright with a significant lean to the right.

She realized that she hadn't been gone long enough for Raymond to come looking for her or report her missing. She realized that it was because Raymond was doing the eleven pm news and that meant he wouldn't be home till one in the morning.

Poor Raymond had a sexually assaulted wife who'd killed a man in cold blood, and he didn't even know it.

She got out of the Crown Vic and hurried over to her Jeep, looking around her to see if anyone was staring at her for being in her underwear in the parking lot. It was dark enough that she couldn't tell.

She walked around to the back of the Jeep to load up the groceries and realized that she didn't have her key fob. It made her feel stupid. She thought that maybe it had been in her pants, the ones her kidnapper had taken off her back in that awful cage.

She started to sob out of frustration. She didn't want to bring the dead man's Crown Vic home. She didn't want to ask for help, either. She kicked one of the grocery bags, spilling the contents. The carton of eggs tumbled out and opened and she saw the cracked shells and runny yellow yolks. And next to those cracked eggs on the pavement, she saw the black key fob for the Jeep sitting under the bumper. She'd dropped the key fob during the assault and it had fallen there.

Sometimes even the shittiest day could have its redeeming qualities.

Selena looked around again. There were people leaving the store but they were going toward a white Caprice in a handicapped space by the main doors and didn't seem to be paying her any attention. That was the way she wanted it.

She hurried. She picked up the spilled groceries (even what was left of the wet carton of eggs), loaded them in the back, and got into the Jeep. On her way home, she checked her mirrors obsessively.

Just in case.

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