Justifiable Homicide

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Selena took a shower at home. There was blood and dried urine and dirt on her legs. Blood and dirt on her face. She washed it all away and kept standing under the hot water until it ran the hot water tank down and got colder.

She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw the bruises, the way one cheek was swollen more than the other. She had a black eye on that side.

She'd have to find a way to explain it all to Raymond. But she didn't want him to know the truth. Or how she'd ended it all.

She felt the crushing weight of what had happened descend on her chest. It was suffocating her. She took short, fast breaths. Maybe the guy was right, she thought. Killing a person changes you. You have to live with it.

She struggled to get herself back under control. But the tears were coming now. They were streaming down her face. She tried to swallow them down. She took a dry towel hanging next to the sink and used it to wipe the tears from her face. More tears came in their place. It was no use resisting.

She let the grief come. She watched herself in the mirror. She tried to think of a story to tell her husband.

She couldn't think of one.

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