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Sometimes nightmares are not what they seem They've promised that dreams can come true, but forgot to mention that nightmare are dream, too. ~Osar Wilde

Horror / Other
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Chapter 1

“You will die!” The deep, demonic voice boomed as I felt the warm, clawed hand grab hold of my ankle. I watched helplessly as I was yanked violently from the comfort of my bed, and painfully forced to the floor of my bedroom, my body melting through it as though it was made of fog.

I tried in vain to cry out as the floor turned to several layers of rock and dirt, the clawed hand never releasing its deadly grip.

“You will die!” The voice shouted again as the ground gave way to a massive chasm. My body landed hard on the rocky terrain, nearly knocking the wind out of me. I coughed several times as I gagged on the dust that was disturbed by my body.

I pulled myself carefully to my feet, glancing around quickly for any signs of the beast that had brought me here. My eyes fell upon tall, spiral rock formations that were dusted in a rusty-red powder. The ground had the same colored dirt for as far as the eye could see. Giant geysers belched red steam into the sky, filling the air with a putrid, sulfur-like scent.

I peered skyward and was startled to see red and black clouds swirling like a never ending storm above. A single patch of blue sky was visible through the chaos with golden rays of light emitting from the edges.

“Help me!” I cried out for reasons I am still not sure of. But the twinkling light was slowly swallowed up, the red storm claiming it as its own.

A low growl rose from the shadows behind me, sending a chill to race down my spine. I turned slowly to discover two red eyes peering out of the darkness followed by puffs of hot air as the beast growled again.

“Oh, no!” I tried to scream, but the words became bottled up in my throat and stuck there. I whirled around and did my best to move my legs forward, but it was as though they were made of rubber. I was unable to control them and wobbled on unsteady feet like a newborn deer.

I stumbled forward, feeling as if my feet contained magnets that were stuck to the ground. I spread my hand out as I fell to my knees, my legs bending awkwardly as I did my best to stand.

I dared one more glance over my shoulder as the horned beast stepped out of the shadows, bearing razor sharp teeth. Its body was as black as the night, with a muscular torso that ended in thick, powerful legs. It had the appearance of a mutated dog, that had sprouted horns and lost its tail.

I opened my mouth to cry out, but fear had choked my words and I only succeeded it gasping as I fell forward once more, still unable to get my legs to work. I pulled my limp body up off the ground and pitched my body onward, my head hitting the dusty floor of the chasm in the process.

I quickly forced myself to move, dragging my legs behind me, clawing at the dirt. But it was no use, my body felt as though my bones had been replaced with lead, and was I was losing the strength in my arms.

The beast struck me extremely hard in the back, sending my body flying through the humid air and striking one of the spirals of rock. I closed my eyes as my body fell back towards the ground, knowing that this was the end.

I bounced several times on the soft surface of my bed, nearly tumbling to the floor. Breathing hard, I sat up quickly, startled to discover that I was once more in the safety of my own bed, the light of the moon spilling in through the partially opened window.

I sighed with relief as I realized it had all been a dream. I laughed to myself to ease my fear as I pulled myself from my bed and made my way to the bathroom, snapping on the light as I entered the tiny room. I peered at my reflection in the mirror above the sink and screamed.

My face was covered in a fine, red powder.
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