Faerie Tales Are Real

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Bella always loved the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Daddy always told her she was Beauty. Mother said faerie tales are not real. Daddy loved her, he told her often. Bella's Mother knew. Daddy knew Soon Beauty would know too. Real Faerie Tales are not for Children

Horror / Erotica
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The Library

Faerie Tales Are Real

Bella wandered through the library idly picking up random books from the shelves and scanning the flyleaf. Nothing held her attention, all the books seemed uninteresting, none of them inspired her enough to actually sit down and read. She walked through the children’s section towards the back of the library, stopping as she saw a copy of the classic Faerie tale Beauty and the Beast. Smiling she picked it up and flicked through it her beautiful face soft with memories. It had been her favourite book as a child. She remembered sitting on her Father’s knee as he read it to her, changing his voice to suit the characters. The book was an old version that showed a more grown up version of the story along with the moral that beauty is only skin deep and it is what is inside a person that matters.

She stopped by the window and gazed out at the city streets, it was raining heavily, of course it was, that was the reason she had come here in the first place. Resting her head against the cool pane she let her memories swamp her, her Father dressing up as the Beast while she was dressed as Beauty, he would chase her around the garden growling and making her giggle. Her Mother’s disapproval saying he should not encourage her to think she was beautiful, that she still needed to work hard to get on in life. Her Father did encourage her, he was very proud of his stunningly beautiful daughter, Bella had waist length rich copper hair and flashing emerald green eyes. As she grew older and her figure developed she proved her Mother wrong over and over again. Men were entranced by her and she learned quickly how to use her looks to get what she wanted. Starting with her Father they did whatever she asked them to do anything to make her smile and give them some attention. When she reached her teens her Father was inundated with marriage proposals, When he protested she was to young at fourteen they told him it was far better to get her betrothed to a strong man than leave her prey to many. Her Mother agreed and began searching for just the right man, telling her Father he must be rich but also firm, as far as she was concerned her pretty daughter needed someone to control her.

Bella knew nothing of the bargain her Mother made to secure her own future. When He arrived one evening while Bella was out with her Father, it was easy for Him to take her Mother’s cruel soul. To save herself she offered her innocent daughter, when he told her it would mean the death of the girl’s Father, her husband she had shrugged and said it was a small price to pay. She showed Him to her daughter’s room and He told her to go into the kitchen and wait for Him. Searching the room He found what he was looking for a much loved teddy bear, pulling out his huge erect cock He stroked himself until he was close, pulling the bear open He rammed His cock inside and filled it with His seed, Smiling He closed the bear up and returned it to it’s place then wiped Himself on her pillow tonight she would taste Him and not even know it. Going back down into the kitchen He grabbed the Mother and used her to relieve His arousal and she was more than willing. When He left she was His willing servant handing her husband over without a second thought. Two weeks later on his way home from a meeting Bella’s Father was killed in a car crash, the police said it was a tragic accident as they could find no reason for the tragedy. Her Mother knew when she identified his body she saw the mark of the Demon and smiled now she’d get what He promised. At the funeral many of her Fathers friends offered their condolences and their hands in marriage saying they would pay her handsomely for her daughter. The media portrayed her as a tragic Beauty who needed her Beast to rescue her, throwing the papers on the kitchen table her Mother grimaced at the analogy. This little Beauty already had a Beast all lined up as soon as she got what he had offered he could take the spoilt little bitch off her hands. She soon discovered her mistake, the Demon knew He could not touch Beauty until she came of age, with the Father out of the way he simply enslaved the Mother so he could keep an eye on his prize.

Bella of course knew nothing of this, all she knew was her Mother had changed when her Father died and blamed her for everything. The Demon used her for a while but she bored him quickly, he only needed her to protect Beauty so he handed her over to His Incubus’s. For the next four years her Mother never knew when one or more of them would turn up, she became their plaything and had little choice but to do whatever they asked. He was the Demon of Lust and Perversion and His Incubus’s knew every perversion that had been invented. Most days she could barely sit down they used her so often but she had no-one to blame but herself, what kind of Mother sold her innocent daughter to a Sex Monster? The Demon had taken her away from Bella just after she turned seventeen, He had made her write a note saying she hated her life and her daughter and was going to find some fun before she got to old. In reality she was now at the mercy of his Incubus who toyed with her for a week and then killed her, Beauty was officially an orphan exactly what He had wanted.

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