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Meet Jayson, a 20 year old boy who joins campus expecting finally have the freedom of getting drunk, having sex and going to parties. He falls for a girl but later on notices something peculiar about her, they get in the middle of some paranormal activity in campus associated with gruesome murders and for some reason, the love of his life seems to be quite knowledgeable about the weird events.

Horror / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Over the long course of my life, I’ve always yearned for one thing, freedom. For time immemorial, my life has always been linked to that of my little brother.

Everywhere I went, Phillip followed me, forcing me to buy him sweets, take him to parks and buy him toys using the extra money I earned. My mother was always a sucker for his chubby cheeks and his cute face making his wishes her command.

For a whole decade, my brother and I shared a bedroom making it impossible for me to work out, place photos of Ariana Grande on the wall, bring some guests, make late night calls or even look at my tattoos in peace.

The situation was worse during the COVID 19 pandemic since I was forced to spend 24 hours a day for 6 months with that little brat. However, the year 2022 was my breakthrough year since I was to join campus where I’d spend an entire semester in a place far from my brother’s presence. Cool isn’t it?

On the eve of my departure, I did all the things little Philip wanted me to do knowing very well that for the next three months, I’d be free from his paranoia. I hoarded my suitcase inside the boot of my mother’s car that morning and she drove me to campus. After doing all the unnecessary paperwork, I waved my mother goodbye as she drove out of the campus premises.

The sweet scent of freedom hit my olfactory senses and I liked it. Everyone minding their own businesses, without giving me any unnecessary demands like Philip used to. As I analyzed my new environment, I saw a peculiar black crow on top of a branch of a tree. It cawed rhythmically as if it was summoning someone or something, then flew away.

Bloody bird, I thought as I found my way to Everest hostels carrying my suitcase.

“Everest 21, my new room,” I said to myself. “Where the bloody hell are you Everest?” I asked my self and I soon found myself at the outskirts of the campus which had a billboard that read;


“Owwwwkeeeey, that was a good warning,” I slowly whispered as I turned round but the moment I did that, the black crow passed above my head almost tearing it off then stood on top of the billboard. It angrily cawed at me as I tried to send it away but eventually, it flew towards the forbidden grounds. I turned around and finally found someone who directed me to the Everest hostels which I easily found.

I ascended the flight of stairs and saw my room from a distance but it’s door was half closed. Upon closer scrutinization, I was shocked to see a man and a very beautiful woman kissing inside the my new room. For a while I watched them and enjoyed the show till a shoe came out of nowhere and passed my head by a whisker.

“Can’t you see we are busy you fresher?” Said the lady who walked to the door and shut it straight on my face. I opted to wait but the sounds the lady was making were just unbearable.

Therefore, I took a stroll in campus to give those horny lovebirds some space to do whatever it is they were doing.

I went to the cafeteria which had a sea of students eating different meals. At the furthest end of the cafeteria, I saw a 43″ Samsung television erected on the wall in which several boys (who seemed to be second, third and fourth years) were watching replays of the English Premier League matches on supersport. On the right hand side of the cafeteria, I saw a poster that read, FIFA 22, LATEST MOVIES AND SERIES IN HERE. To kill the boredom, I went to play FIFA 22 on Play Station 4 and right amongst us, there was a man, who seemed to be owner of that business. He was quite friendly by the way, but what was awkward about him was the tattoo on his left hand, a skull with a snake coiled around it. As much as I was a big fan of tattoos, I found that one quite disturbing. Though it also reminded me of Lord Voldemort’s death eaters on J.K Rowling’s books, The Harry Potter novel series.

“Want a match?” asked a tall thin guy in a brand new Chelsea jersey. I nodded in approval and we began. The guy chose Chelsea and I chose the Red Devil’s - Manchester United and damn he was good especially for a guy using a 5-4-1 formation, playing a highly defensive game like Atletico Madrid or Jose Mourinho. After 120 minutes, we were on a stalemate, 2-2, and the winner was to be decided by penalty shootouts but unfortunately, I lost.

“Name’s Kai by the way,” he said as he stretched his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Jayson,” I replied while while giving him a handshake and that’s how I made my first friend.

We went for a snack and sat on a table of 5 next to two girls, identical twins, leaving one seat empty. They were taking videos, selfies and probably posting them on Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok, but definitely not Twitter since that app has it’s own gurus. The girls ordered burgers, and some sausages while Kai and I ordered ordered chicken fingers (which by the way, I still have no idea what it is) so as to look sophisticated.

“So what type of burger is that?” Kai asked initiating a conversation.

“Mine is beef, hers is cheese,” said one girl.

“You should try one of these, it’s really good,” said the girl who ordered a beef burger.

“And you are?” Kai asked.

“I’m Natasha,” said the girl who ordered a beef burger. “She’s my sister. Her name is Nicole,” said Natasha.

“I’m Kai, this is my friend Jayson,“,said Kai.

“Nice to meet the two of you,” said Natasha but as I looked at her, I felt a sudden electrical sensation on my body. This was coupled by a feeling of pain and helplessness then a sharp cut on my neck, a painful deep cut that made me grab my neck with one hand.

“You OK Jay?” Natasha asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Natasha added.

“Sore throat,” I lied.

“Ever heard of something called Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease?” Natasha asked.

“Nat, not now,” said Nicole.

“What? I’m just creating awareness. Prevention is way better than cure,” said Natasha.

“I’m sorry Jayson, but ever since my twin sister was called to Med school, she’s just doctoring everyone,” said Nicole.

“You are doing medicine?” Kai asked.

“Yep, Medicine and Surgery, both of us” said Natasha raising her eyebrows in delight.

“Cool,“,said Kai. “I’ve always wanted to have a doctor by my side,” Kai added.

“Doctors are very busy people my dear,” said Nicole.

“Well if you are the doctor, I will take that risk,” said Kai and both of them smiled.

“Oh my, look at the time, it’s 4 o’clock,” said Natasha. “We better go back to our room,” Nicole added.

“Natasha, Nicole, it’s nice knowing you,” said Kai.

“The pleasure is ours,” said the girls in unison and we left them but just as we were almost out, Natasha called out our names.

“Kai and Jayson,” said Natasha putting more wemphasis on Kai’s name. “Do you mind if I make the two of you some coffee in our room,” said Natasha raising her eyebrows and smiling as she looked at Kai.

“I don’t mind,” Kai replied and for a moment Natasha squeaked in joy. We went to the female’s hostels and unlike the male’s hostels. which was punctuated by loud reggae music, the female hostels were silent and serene.

Nicole led us to room 26 and I saw the dream room my mother always wanted me to have. Unlike my room back at home which was messy, room 26 was neat, all beds were spread (I’ve never made my bed by the way), chairs and tables were neatly arranged in which all of them had a nice plastic flower on top of it. The floor had a purple fluffy carpet that one could have easily slept on__

“Welcome, have a seat. Or a bed,” giggled Natasha as we got into the room.

“__dad you don’t have to call me every 5 minutes to know whether I’m fine__yeah dad__I love you too__bye,” said a feminine voice as the door opened damn that girl was beautiful. She had a light skin tone, long black hair at the level of her back, a smooth spotless skin with dark eyes behind some round glasses.

She was in a white Alan Walker T-shirt and a blue pair of jeans revealing her perfect curves. She looked at the guests and smiled revealing a set of white brilliant teeth which made her look like a professional model.

“Hi everyone,” she waved revealing a set of well manicured nails. Her angelic voice was sweet, melodious and could have cured depression.

“Hi,” said Natasha and Nicole.

“I can see we have guests,” she said while smiling.

“Yes Luna, this is Kai and this is__” “I’m Kai, sorry Phillip__no Jayson__I’m Jayson,” I replied.

“Nice to meet you Jayson,” she replied as she stretched her hand for a handshake. I shook her light skin hand and it was smooth and warm which compelled me to know more about her.

“You are in the computer science class aren’t you. I saw you in the registration office this morning,” said Luna in an accent which sounded British.

“Yes I am,” I replied in my African accent. “Well you are in luck, I’m going to be your classmate,” said Luna in that British accent.

Thank you Jesus, I said to myself. A man suddenly walked in the room and Luna stopped looking at me.

“Honey, be careful with those, they contain fragile items,” said Luna in that accent.

“Why on Earth did you carry a whole set of wine flutes?” The man asked.

“So that I can drink wine,” said Luna reproachfully.

“Just put them here and let’s go have a bite. See you in class Jayson,” said Luna and she left with that man while holding hands

Jesus, wahat did I do to deserve this, I asked myself after realising that the woman of my dreams had the man of her dreams.

“Damn, rich kids,” said Nicole.

“She’s got a nice accent though,” said Natasha. “You ah in thaht computah science class ahnt you?” Natasha mimicked her accent while smiling.

“Listen bro, I have an idea about what you’re thinking but whatever it is, don’t even think about it. That girl will crush you from the inside out bro,” said Kai. Anyway, he had a point, Luna was a pretty girl, very pretty but she was way outta my league. Besides, the guy she was with was better than me; he was good looking, he was well built, he has beard and judging from his phone, he was way richer than me.

The four of us Kai, the twins and I went for supper. Kai and Natasha were holding hands with cheek to cheek grins indicating the advent of an epic love story. I, on the hand was struggling to maintain a conversation with Nicole since my head was flooded with thoughts of that Luna girl.

Damn Luna is beautiful, no one is allowed to look that angelic.

“You do realize you are thinking out loud,” said Nicole

“For real?” I asked.

“Yep, you are drooling while wide awake,” said Kai.

“Why don’t you tell her how beautiful you think she is. She’s right there?” Natasha said pointing at a crowd of people looking at a poster. Her eyes, her smile, her hair, she was literally flawless. We moved closer but just as I was about to talk to her, her man appeared, grabbed her waist and kissed her cheek and to avoid the emotional turmoil, I distracted myself with the poster that read;


All first years are welcomed to the annual Fresher’s bash on 22nd September. Drinks, foods and alcohol will be served. Tell a friend to tell friend

“You up to it,” Natasha asked Kai.

“Of course I am,” Kai replied

We had supper and went back to room 26.

Time flew and within no time, it was 11pm but Natasha couldn’t just shut up.

“She talks too much,” I whispered to Kai.

“I know, isn’t she stunning?” Kai, who had clearly fallen for her replied.

“Guys I think it’s time we call it a night,” said Nicole and this was our cue to go back to our hostels. While we were outside, I saw the black crow. It stood on the roof of the building just above room 26. It did that weird synchronized caw almost 5 times.

“What are you looking at?” Kai asked.

“That damn bird has been giving the creeps ever since I got here,” I replied pointing at the crow.

“What bird?” Kai asked.

“The__oh it seems it’s gone,” I replied.

“Go get some sleep,” said Kai. I walked under the moonlit sky to the Everest hostels and luckily I didn’t get lost like before. The occupants who were smooching initially were giggling under a common duvet

“Really Mitchell, you really are going to start the Legend of The Devil’s Campus,” said the man as I was under myduvetj.

“It just a myth babe,” the male voice added.

“I will still tell you whether you like it or not,” giggled the female voice.

“It is believed that this campus is haunted by an evil ghost who lived centuries ago. She was a devil worshipper who used to sacrifice virgin girls to the devil. She was caught on the night of full moon, burnt to death then her remains were buried somewhere in this compound. So, on the night of the full moon, her followers usually find a virgin girl and sacrifice the poor thing right in this campus,” said the girl.

“See, that’s bullshit, where will you get a virgin in campus in the 21st century,” said the man. “Well, I’m pretty sure that some of these freshers are virgin. You never know, maybe one of them will disappear tonight,” giggled the girl.

“Besides even if they do find a virgin, how’d they sacrifice her without anyone noticing,” said the man.

“Shhhhhhh, you might scare our fresher roommate,” said the girl making them whisper. Soon enough I slept.

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