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Who is heartbreaker

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A little baby girl named Rae was born with a disability. Her mom was name Mrs Riley and her dad name was Mr Riley. She slowly grew up and had to learn sign language.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1 The day I was born

One day Mrs Riley and Mr Riley we're driving back home until Mrs Riley started bleeding so they respect to the house and ask their neighbor to come over and their neighbor was a nurse the nurse said he needs to rush to the hospital soon as possible something's wrong with your child. They got back in the car and rushed to the hospital. After a couple of hours they got her to the ER room saying that we need to do surgery right now this is really couldn't push. The doctor says we need to cut her open to her stomach to get the baby out And it was one beautiful baby girl. But Rae wasn't breathing they tried everything to keep her alive but she wasn't breathing still after a couple of hours the doctors went to go resuscitate her couple of hours past she's finally breathing Mrs Riley and Mr Riley was relieved but the doctors had to break some bad news your daughter has a disability. Rae was born on 08/22/2000 Rae grew up really quickly and Rae is now 3 years old and she had a best friend that Rae was really attached to. Rae Best friend was Ruth. Ruth was Rae's aunt. But in 2003, Ruth committed suicide. Ruth lock the door and texted her boyfriend saying I'm going to commit suicide if you don't come and he didn't make it in time and that's how Ruth died that's how my best friend died. Rae cryed alot and Mrs Riley told Rae when she was still young. That her best friend was sick. But her best friend left her a mirror for Rae when she got older and years has past and Rae is 5 years older now and Rae starting school. Her first day at school she made a lot of friends but she couldn't make alot because Rae family kept on moving all over in Ohio Rae never had time to make new friends. Rae struggled to make new friends because they couldn't understand her because of her disability. Rae could not talk well it took her many years to finally speak English.

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