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Who is heartbreaker

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Chapter 2 why Middle School/high school

After so many years of moving Rae's family finally settles down and stop moving around in Ohio. Rae was fine in eighth grade she tried to make some new friends and she loved Power Rangers every morning when she was waiting on the bus and soon as Rae got home she would put it back on. Rae really loved Power Rangers. Power Rangers was Rae inspiration. But Rae would bring her Power ranger toys to school and when everyone realized that she loved Power Rangers they started bullying her nobody wanted to date her they would pick on her and then date her and then cheated on her and use her to get other people jealous to date them. Years has past by and people still has bullied Rae and used her. Either the boys and girls kept on using Rae for many years. One day Rae was watching Markiplier on YouTube and seen a video game called slender man. Rae was so intrigued by it so she did some research about him thought that he would let Rae be is proxy. Rae kept on doing a lot of research to find a way to summon slender Man and after many years when she was 18 she finally fell in love with someone in her high school year he was skinny and muscular. His name is Nathan. I thought Nathan was the one for me but I was wrong he doing drugs he used me for sex money place to live and to get other girls jealous so that's when I realized I should start planning my revenge for anyone that I dated. Couple of years past still no sign of slender Man, but Rae turned 19 she fell in love again with a guy named Dylan. Rae thought he was the one, and they've been dating for 2 whole years and they're off and on in their relationship. Dylan was a mommy boy he was 25 and still lived with his mom and his dad and his siblings he was a substitute teacher he worked at many schools Rae met him off of Instagram from one of her friends when she was in school, but the relationship didn't last long Rae and Dylan started arguing about the dumbest things Rae wanted a serious relationship and Dylan wanted to act like a kid and not being a serious relationship. Dylan thought that Rae was using him for money sex, but one year has past Rae fell out of love and Dylan keep on thinking that I was using him and she wasn't. Rae had alot of spare time and would text and call Dylan 24/7, And Dylan would not tell her how he really felt about Rae, and then he finally left her saying I can't date you anymore you never give me space to do stuff that I like to do. Soon as Rae got that message. Rae rain out of room and fell to the ground and straight into tears on her knees she was crying constantly rocking back and forth asking for help. Rae begged and begged for slender Man to help her. Soon as Rae got done crying she fell asleep in her bedroom playing a lot of slender Man music begging and praying and trying to summon slender Man when she fell asleep she had a dream that slender Man was in her dream and he took Rae as his proxy slender Man named her heartbreaker because Rae been through so much heartache.

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