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Halloween. a night for fun, candy and spooks. unfortunately for Abigail, it was also a night she had to fight for her life. three nights before Halloween, a man is rushed into her ER in critical condition. a strange resemblance between his attack and ones from years prior eat at her during the night. things take a sinister turn once she agrees to go on a date with a man who approached her after work. more bodies come up dead and Abigail must figure out what the man is hiding before the body count continues to rise. will Abigail be able to find out the truth in time or will she become another victim? *please note, this story needs edited. it was written years ago and was moved from one platform to another without proofreading/editing*

Horror / Thriller
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" Mom? Dad?"

Charlie made her way into the house as she threw her keys into the small bowl next to the door. She slipped her jacket off, hanging it on the coat rack before finally shutting the front door, flipping the dead bolt for security.

She made her way further into the house. The sun had been down for a couple hours now so she was left standing in pure darkness.

Charlie had just arrived home from her study date with a couple friends. A regular thing she partakes in every Friday.

She continued to make her way through the house. She reached for the light switch but let out a long sigh as she realized the lights weren't coming on. She continued to flip the switch, in hope that maybe just one more time will do the trick. Finally giving up, she pulls her phone from her pocket and clicked on her flashlight.

" Mom?" She yelled again.

She bagan to make her way towards the steps. Shinning her light in front of her. The second her foot touched the top step, she heard a low chuckle come from behind her.

Charlie turned quickly, her heart pounding hard against her chest as fear washed over her body. She let out a breath of relief as her eyes landed on her older brother.

" Jeez, Gage" she huffed out as she held her chest. " You scared the shit out of me"

Gage didn't respond, rather just smiled at her. His dark eyes staring at her in the darkness.

" Gage?" She snapped her fingers in his face.

" Hellllooooo? Earth to Gage?"

After not getting a response, Charli rolled her eyes. " Whatever, dude. Where's mom and dad?"

" Upstairs" he responded with little expression.

" Oh, so he does speak" she picked before furrowing her brows in confusion. " Why are they upstairs?"

" In bed"

" It's eight?" She responded, confusion laced in her voice.

Gage shrugged his shoulders. " Okay? Go see why, I'm not their keeper"

Rolling her eyes at her brother, Charlie made her way up the stairs. Trying to flip on lights as she went but to no avail. She knocked on her parents door but silence followed. After a few more attempts, she decided to just go in.

The room was dark. A putrid smell hit her nostrils as she walked into the room. " What the hell is that?" She asked herself as she went further into the room.

" Mom? Dad? Hello?"

She stopped next to the bed. Her parents looked to both be tucked in, sound asleep. She reached down to touch her mother when her hand touched something wet. She hesitantly pulled her phone out and flashed it over their bodies.

The sight of her parents mangled bodies layed sprawled out on their bed. Blood stained the sheets, the pillows, the floor and even the walls. She let out a scream as she turned to flee the scene before her.

Pain coursed through her body as she turned and met her brother. He stared down at her with a sadistic grin as he plunged the knife deeper into her stomach.


" Out of Salem this morning. The bodies of Roger, Ashlyn and Charli Hart were found brutally slain in their homes. Police have nothing to go by at this moment. The main suspect is believed to be their eldest son and Charli' older brother Gage Hart who at this moment, is still missing"

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