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All Hallows Eve [A SHORT STORY]

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Kali was a secretary trying to impress her boss Her boss is the Vampyre Prince How did she end up in a world of Vampyres and Werewolves? How did she end mated to both? Its a journey of discovery for all But Is Kali strong enough to battle through?

Horror / Erotica
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How it Began

All Hallows Eve

Kali sat at her desk typing furiously, if she did not meet this deadline Luther would sack her. She watched despondently as the other secretaries left for the evening and then turned back to her work. She would finish this if it killed her, she wanted the promotion more than anything. Glancing around the office she sighed, she had been at Blood Brothers since she left school at sixteen with no qualifications save the fact she could type and had a very vivid imagination. Her teachers had written her off and it was her own fault, all she had cared about in school was looking pretty and flirting with the football team. She had been head cheerleader and enjoyed the attention wearing the revealing costume had given her. She was a very pretty girl, with blue/black hair that curled to her waist and deep navy blue eyes, not your usual blonde haired blue eyed all American girl. She had a figure to die for, curves in all the right places and she had dated the team captain but duped him when he tried it on. She frowned that had been her trouble, she attracted boys like flies but she never let them touch her, the other girls had been surprised at the way she constantly refused them, almost all of them had lost their virginities at the first opportunity.

Kali sighed again as she came back to the present, why had she been so stubborn? She did not know, it was simply that none of the boys she had dated had made her feel like she wanted to, when they kissed her she felt nothing. Of course they had been full of testosterone and their hands were everywhere, under her shirt, up her skirt clutching her like horny dogs. She had slapped them away and told them

‘NO, means NO!’

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