Love at Death's Door

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Despite their severely wounded states, Tatiana Clarke and Edward Smith had managed to find the exit of the old meat processing plant. Together, the pair limped up the road until a driver spotted them and rushed them to the hospital where they received treatment for their grisly injuries.

Due to Tatiana’s lack of health insurance, initially, Edward had covered the cost of Tatiana’s emergency treatment. But after hearing the story of the duo’s hellish night, Edward’s boss paid for her medical care instead.

A few months after recovering from the night of terror, Edward enters the hospital cafeteria, clad in a full, dark blue suit and black dress shoes. His dark blonde hair is neatly parted and gelled aside. Attracting glances left and right, he takes a seat at a table, places the flowers and chocolates in his hands on the surface and fidgets in his chair. It doesn’t take long before the woman he’s waiting for makes her appearance.

“Wow, look at you,” a familiar voice says. “You remembered to put your tie around your neck instead of your head this time.”

“Very funny, Tatiana...”

Tatiana Clarke snickers, taking a seat across from Edward. She wears a simple hoodie and jeans in contrast to his full suit. Her long, brown hair is absent, a gray beanie in its place covering her bare head.

“Seriously, I feel underdressed for this,” the woman says, cringing a bit.

“Please, you look beautiful,” the man replies, chuckling.

“Are these for me?”

“No, they’re for the nurses. I figured they deserve some kind of reward for having to deal with you so often.”

Tatiana sneers and shoots the man an unimpressed expression. “I don’t like that you’re starting to sound like me.”

“Hey, neither do I. It’s just one of those things by now, I guess.”

The two share a laugh and Tatiana slides her gifts over to her side of the table.

“Thank you, Edward. Really, for everything. I still can’t believe your boss offered to pay for my treatments.”

“Are you kidding? The whole office was a captive audience while I told your tale of badassery. My boss is like your biggest fan now.”

“That’s one of those sentences that you just don’t expect to hear at all in your life... Anyway, did you end up getting that promotion? You never did say.”

Edward smirked and swiped his nose proudly. “Of course I did. Twice over, in fact. One cause’ I earned it, two for surviving that whole mess.”

“Good for you.”

“Yeah? And how about you? What’s the latest on your treatments?”

Tatiana smiled and shrugged. “Doctor says I’m responding well, and while technically I’m still fighting ugly odds, she thinks I should be positive. It’s wait and see, but so far so good, I guess.”

“So, you’re kicking ass. Great news.”

“I could still die, Edward.”

The man slid his hand across the table and linked fingers with the woman.

“You won’t,” Edward said, confidently.

Tatiana smiled and shook her head. “Anyway, enough playing around. It’s time.”

Edward expelled a nervous breath and grinned. “Yeah, here we go. First date!”

“Mm-hm. All right, pressure is on! Let’s see what kind of moves you’ve got, rich boy.”

The End.

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