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Social Media is a platform that can Make Someone a Celebrity in Just one day or maybe ruin your life forever. But, Jessica had bad luck in the world of Social Media. One post forced her to Commit Suicide. will she go to end her life? Is she die to hide from the cruel world? What is a post about? Why does she do that thing to herself?

Khushpreet kaur
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Chapter 1

Good Morning Fams! How are you all doing? OH! There are a lot of people up in the early morning I did not expect this many people going to stay on live streaming. So, back to the topic, Today is my Birthday. Yeah! I am so happy You all sent a meal of wishes on my Instagram or social networks Thank you all. Oh! My God I forgot to introduce our track. Welcome, all of you to our youtube channel "your happiness". Am I too much excited today?

live Messages are shown on her Channel messages 💬 icon:

Follower 1 You're So Cute!

Follower 2. Your dress is so nice!

Follower 3: Didn't She gain weight so much? 🙀

Follower 4: How much overacting she is doing! Such a drama queen.💅

Follower 5: I can bet she had plastic surgery.😆

Bye! guys streaming is coming to an end now.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Don't forget to like, subscribe, comment, and also don't forget to press the bell 🔔 icon button.

Follower 5: I think she is scared that her true face is going to come in front of everyone. 😅😅 bit*h.

(( slam!!)) ( a noise 🔊 of shutting down the laptop aggressively)

I think 💭 I took a bad decision to go live on my birthday.

Jessica, it's not your fault this world is so cruel. ( Chris in a painful voice).

I know, I have to do it for my followers who love me blindly.😺

That's my girl 💃.

(Both giggle)

Ahh! This dress 👗 is so tight, I should change it. So, what are your birthday plans? Jessica!

Nothing Chris, just you and our old friends are going to some nice places and going to click some beautiful pictures to post on social media.

How about posting a #friendsforever or some friend's love poses. Nice idea, what do you think Chris? And also we have to shoot a nice birthday vlog for my channel.

So, you are saying that you are not going to celebrate your birthday with us. you just want to make a nice blog for your social media platforms.

Chris!! It's not like that. I want to spend time with you all. That's why I organized my birthday party.

Honestly, Jessica!!🧐

Chris, we have to do so many things, let's leave this topic here and make a list of guests whom we are going to invite.

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