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The Innkeeper Motel

By Dawn R. Taylor All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Johnnie Boy

Johnnie Boy

Johnnie “Boy” Wexler was twenty-seven years old and was raised in Ft Campbell Kentucky. His father was a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army and his mother was a devoted housewife. His father enjoyed serving his country, drinking Jack Daniels and beating the hell out of his wife. More than any of those things he loved hunting human prey.
As a child, Johnnie boy, loved when his dad would take him into town. They would go to the local strip mall, mull around or see a movie. Afterwards they would have some pizza and ice cream. The whole time his dad would tell him about the world and his place in it. Johnnie Boy loved those days, he remembered holding his daddy’s big ole hand as they walked from store to store looking through the windows. His daddy was six foot three and weighed two hundred and thirty pounds, but he was gentle as a lamb when it came to Johnnie Boy. His father always wore cowboy boots, a cowboy hat that he tipped at the sight of a pretty woman, Levi jeans and a belt with large gold buckle that had the army insignia on it. What Johnnie Boy didn’t know then was that these trips to town were scouting trips for Daddy.

On his eighteenth birthday Johnnie Boy convinced his Dad to take him for a night on the town to celebrate. They went downtown to a bar in Clarksville and his dad showed Johnnie Boy off to his buddies. He felt ten feet tall. Johnnie Boy was struck by the ease with which his father joked with his buddies because at home he seemed so angry. They shot pool, drank booze and flirted with pretty women. Women were drawn to his father and Johnnie Boy was envious.  His daddy got so drunk that Johnnie Boy was forced to drive home.     They drove down interstate twenty-four, windows down and country music playing on the radio. After a few minutes his father told him to pull over at a broken down gas station. He needed to take a leak. Johnnie Boy watched as his father walked into the station tip his hat at the pretty attendant, uttered a few words and she pointed toward the bathroom round back. He was tired. He looked at the clock it was 3:30am. He shut his eyes, listened to the radio and was lulled to sleep. At 4:30 his eyes sprang open. He realized he had been asleep for a hour. He was startled when he realized his dad was not in the car. His bladder ached, he needed to take a leak so he hopped out of the car and went around back. He tip toed into the tree line not wanting to be seen and not wanting to get his boots dirty. He began to pee when he heard a woman crying. Unable to stop the flow he peeked through the opening and saw his father holding the attendant by her hair. His dad punched the small woman in the face and until she was unconscious. Johnnie Boy froze, afraid that his father would see him. His father knelt down and opened the woman’s shirt exposing her breast. They were large and his father rubbed them lovingly. Suddenly he slapped the woman until she awoke. As she screamed his father raped her. When finished he beat and stomped the woman into silence. Johnnie Boy was shocked and intrigued. Time stood still. When he ejaculated he realized that he had masturbated through the whole incident. Ashamed and euphoric he cleaned himself up as quickly as he could. He saw his father raise his hunting knife and plunge it into the attendant. He raced back to the car and pretended to be asleep when his father knocked on the window. As they drove home the only thing his father said was

“I saw you, you’re like your old man.” and he passed out.

The next morning his dad came down stairs all dressed up in his Class A uniform.  All the medals shinning across his chest, Johnnie Boy was in awe of him. He did not make eye contact with his dad because he was ashamed by his own behavior the night before. He knew his dad was very drunk and hoped that he did not remember.

His dad opened the front door, stopped, looked at Johnnie Boy and said “I have a late meeting, why don’t you meet me later downtown and we will get some pizza.” He winked and smiled at Johnnie Boy as he left.

Johnnie Boy felt big, he felt good and he knew that his dad was not angry with him for being weak out in the woods. 

They spent the next six months hunting and killing as a team. They killed four females and Johnnie Boy loved every moment. He would secretly take one earring from each one so he could enjoy them repeatedly without the prying eyes of his dad.

A year later, his daddy was diagnosed with brain cancer and died within six months. Johnnie Boy realized that he could not stand the sight of his mother and he left. Two years later, he returned, dragged her out into the woods, and stabbed her fifty-two times.

He killed his mother seven years ago and he never looked back. He moved around a lot taking odd jobs but they only paid the rent with barely enough left for food.

He was able to get some financial aid and went to truck driving school.  His current occupation allowed him freedom and the pay was good. It afforded him the ability to buy his Levi jeans, cowboy boots and his big gold belt buckles. He collected buckles from every state he killed in.

He was alone in the world so he did not have any reason to settle down. He never had any desire to get married, if he did not remember anything else, he remembered what his daddy told him about women.

“Women, he said, are an abomination son.  Anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die should be taken out back and shot in the head.” Then he would laugh so uncontrollably that tears would seep from the corners of his eyes.  Sometimes when his dad laughed like that Johnnie Boy would start laughing too, his dad’s laugh was contagious.

  Johnnie Boy was a proficient trucker and an efficient killer. He had killed forty-two women over the past seven years. Most of them he raped, some he cut up and some he just killed for the sport of it. Killing was like taking a good shit to him. When the urge came there was no stopping it and when he finished he was empty. 

 He enjoyed traveling across the country staying in motels. He had met some interesting people on the road. Sometimes he would pick up hitchhikers and they would tell him the story of their lives. He got a kick out of listening to them, but mostly they helped him stay awake.

One evening he picked up a boy, the kid looked beat, kind of like him when he was drifting. When the kid got in the truck he fell asleep before Johnnie Boy could introduce himself. He checked the boy out while he slept. He had to chuckle to himself because the kid was wearing a pair of Levi jeans and cowboy boots. He made an effort not to pick up females while he was working because they never made it to their destinations. His current job had taken him to Durham, North Carolina. He had to wake up the kid before he got to the warehouse because he could lose his job for picking up hitchhikers. He dropped the kid off and went to drop his load at the warehouse. The dispatcher told him where the closest motel was and he checked into the Innkeeper for the night. The Motel was right off of interstate 85 and he could hunt before moving on the next morning. He checked into his room, showered and put on his new pair of Levi’s and a denim shirt. He buffed off his belt buckle and proudly displayed it at the front of his pants. He checked himself out in the mirror and headed to the waffle house across the street.

  The waffle house was packed but he managed to find a booth close to the bathroom where he could see who came and went. The waitress was a thick ole country girl with blond hair and blue eyes. As she took his order, he took inventory of her and as she walked away, he could not help but smile. Southern women were great cooks and by their size, they did not mind tasting their own food. He liked a woman with a little jiggle in her walk and this girl had a lot going on. When she returned with his food, she said with that southern drawl,

“Let me know if you need anything else”. 

He nodded with a smirk and decided that she would be on his menu for desert.  He knew she would be an easy job. He could tell by the way she smiled and lingered at his table that she found him good looking. His looks got him most of his kills. He stood six feet tall, weighed 200 pounds and had a very muscular build. He had long wavy sandy blond hair and clear light blue eyes. Women had told him that they could see all the way to heaven in his eyes and he made sure most of them did. He ate his food knowing that he would need his strength for the hunt and kill. He left his prey a large tip. After all, he would be getting it back later.

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