Guns, blood and school

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The trigger pulls and the blood splatters. Heros always used to be villains, Villains always used to be heros, Heros corrupte, Villains sained, The blood gets cleaned, The cleaned gets blood, That is how the world is like.

Horror / Romance
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It's 2043, the dark days, and it's better then ever.

Here at Blood Splatter,

We have demons every corner you go around,

We have schools where children are being taught how to kill and defend,

We have trained children to be armies,

We have killers everywhere,

We have guns for everyone, ages 4 and above,

We have our worst enemy who try to destroy this topia, the Grey Ink,

Oh and how can I forget we still have pizza.


Ever since the explosion the world has split, there are different districts.

There is the Red Shock, their favourite torchure, shocking with large mass of electricity.

There is the Black Abyss, they work in the struck of midnight, the abyss of the night,

There is the Strange Peculiar, they work in strange and peculiar but deadly and painful ways.

There is the Bullet Head, they love to put bullets in people's head,

There is the Blood Splatter, the most dangerous district since they are the only district that makes children kill making them unstoppable,

And finally the Grey Ink, they try to stop the savage ways and bring the world back together making them the Blood Splatter's enemy.

Each district has a different way of teaching the children what's what,

The Red Shock teaches them about electricity and anything around that so like the old 2000 schools,

The Black Abyss teaches the students how to be quiet and sneeky but if you do anything wrong you get punished like the 1980,

The Strange Peculiar teaches about the body and how to destroy it but at least it's like the 1990 where you have some sort of freedom,

The Bullet Head teaches about guns and how to use it, it's like a 1980 mixed with a 2000 school,

The Blood Splatter teaches about how to emotionally and physically kill someone but there is no rules and you can use weapon,

And the Grey Ink teaches like how schools used to be taught 33 years ago but you also get taught how to handle weapons just incase.


I'm Grey,

I'm 17 and female,

I have long, straight dark brown hair and bright green eyes,

I'm part of the Blood Splatter district,

And I'm the most dangerous, strongest, unpredictable fighter in the district.

And this is my story of guns, blood and school.

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