Stay away from Darkness

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A paranormal writer who never believes in anything supernatural changes his attitude when life turns 360°. He along his friends gets out to solve cases which are not understood by normal people.

Horror / Mystery
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Three friends are standing under the shade of a closed shop. It is raining cats and dogs. Their bike is bearing the brunt of coming out in this weather by getting drenched in the rain. The loadshedding is on so nothing is visible to them.

One of the three says,"Pintu, it's all your fault. We all could have been sleeping in our warm beds. But no you had to meet your girl tonight."
Pintu replies,"Really Vicky? Now everything is my fault..I just wanted your bike. I wanted to surprise her, it is her birthday. But you guys wanted to come with me. Why? To buy drinks. Now stop blaming me."
Vicky says,"Thik, it's not your fault but why does your girlfriend live in this area? It's so far from the city."
Pintu says,"This is too much now. Manu tells him to shut up now. He is making me crazy."
Manu says,"Just shut up both of you. All fun and intoxication has gone all thanks to you. Matchbox is wet, I can't light a cigarette either. You people just shut up. My head is aching now because of your constant blabbering."
They all keep quiet for sometime.

Pintu takes his phone out of his pocket and switches the torch light and looks around.
Manu says,"Ruk ruk(stop).see there is a house there. Looks like an abandoned one. Let's go there and wait till the rain stops. We are getting wet standing here."
Vicky says,"Rain is not going to stop tonight. Let's stay there tonight. We will return back in the morning. I still have a few cans of beer left. We can still have a little fun."

Vicky starts the bike and goes towards the house a few meters away from where they were standing and places it under the shaded patio. The other two run and reach the place. Using the torch light from the mobile phone they see there is a small lock outside. Vicky picks up a big stone and after hitting a few times,it breaks open. Three enter the house.
The house is basically empty except for a big bed at one corner of probably a living space. Vicky picking a paper from the dirty floor cleans it and sits on it. His friends join him with the can in their hand.

And as they open the cans, they hear a voice,"Don't drink here."
A cold wave passes through their spines. Pintu screams out of fear.
Vicky says, "Shut up. Who are you?"
The voice is of a girl, she says,"This is my house.. Drinking is not allowed here. Leave this house immediately."

Vicky takes a sip from his can as Manu switches on the phone torch and lifts it towards the direction the voice was coming. But the phone switches off making a sound.

Manu says,"What Yaar, Pintu, You didn't charge your phone!)"
Before Pintu could say anything, the voice said,"Please go from here. Don't drink. Go or else you all get yourself killed."
Pinto out of fear starts drinking and stammers,"Who.. who..who will kill Manu..let's go.."
Vicky takes out his phone but it is switched off too. He says,"My phone is off too. What is happening? Hey you girl, get out of here. Stop scaring us."

Manu starts drinking from his can and throws the empty can on the ground. He takes out his match box. After a few rubs, he tries to light the match stick. After a few attempts it lights up and he looks around to find there is no one.

He screams,"She is trying to scare us. But Manu never gets frightened so easily. Come out I said."
Just as the match goes off, they hear,"Fine I warned you. Now it's all up to you. Everyone is angry now."
Now the three get scared, but Manu lights another stick and burns the paper he had used to clean the bed. He looks around but there is no one.

He says,"Kahan chupi hai? (Where are you hiding?)You are trying to scare us? Come out?"
A voice whispers in his ears,"I am standing next to you. Can't you see me?"
A gust of wind comes out of nowhere and the fire goes off. They hear a loud laugh from the girl.
Vicky screams,"Bhai run.."

Three get down from the bed and try to run towards the door. But the door is locked from outside. They try to push it open but nothing works. They hear a few voices in the darkness as if they are now surrounded by many people.
"Don't go now."
"Stay with us.. stay here.."
"I had told you na.."
"stay with us..." "You can't go now."
"You can live with us."
"You can be like us."
The girl's voice comes again, "You wanted to see me na.."
A loud scream comes out of Manu's mouth and everything goes silent.

Next morning police arrive at the abandoned house to find three dead bodies. All lie on the floor near the door with their eyes open. It seems their eyes are coming out of their sockets. Cause of death is perhaps a heart attack. There is no injury to the body. The door was wide open and the bike was standing outside, when a passer by found them there. This is the 6th time when bodies have been found here, in this house. Deaths started from the murder of a young girl few years ago in this house. Since then bodies have been found here usually during rainy days.

Looking from the far end of the road is a guy. He is tall, handsome and well built. He is wearing a plain grey Kurta over his denims. There is a spectacle lying on the nook of his nose. He pushes the spectacle back and with a smile, he turns towards his car. He gets inside and picks up a recorder placed near the driver's seat.
He switches it on and says,"She hates men, especially those who drink. Maybe she was killed by some drunkards. To be safe, don't drink."
He puts the recorder back and looking back at the house, he smiles and then drives away.

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