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Test subjects are being released one by one, they'll all go and kill every person on this planet if someone doesn't manage to stop them. Though one of the subjects is on the humans side. [Bro, idk what I'm writing, I'm just bored]

Horror / Action
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Chapter 1

Isn't the sky just beautiful? Well, that won't really last for long. A storm is coming, but not an ordinary dark gloomy storm you'd see. A storm that's red, yellow lightning, blue and red clashed together.

The door swings open as two men start running out of the door "test subject 5.0 has escaped, I repeat. Test subject 5.0 has escaped." The lights begin to flicker and one by one, the cages are broken and the subjects are released

"The egg has been broken, sir." one of the members of the Kendal says to a man in a fancy suit, the leader of the Kendal. "Good. My child is ready."

[I don't know what I'm doing-]

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