Rainbow joys theme park

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Carter was just having a normal day with there life and having normal friends after all it was there last year in collage with 5 friends but one day they all get a Letter in the mail talking about how to meet by the old church nearby the famous old Shut down Place called rainbow joys theme park, what is the mysterious person hiding and what’s going to happen?

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1 - The beginning

"What led me to this situation? . . " Carter A 20 year old Student who was attending University in the town of Hamington talking with there best friend Who was Amara Williams, a Girl with dark brown skin who had Orange curly hair and beautiful brown eyes and freckles and she had a Black Business suit on and Orange star earrings but they were just talking about the rumors of the Use to be famous Rainbow joys theme park but Amara just said in her calm voice "Hey Carter do you think we should prank the rest of the group?" Carter just stared at Amara and said "I don't think so plus we have to pack for Christmas break." Amara sighed and said "Fine but still I want to visit Brandon and Brianna before we go after all I don't want to see Kaito or Alex." Amara just nodded and she just said "K bye bye Carter!" She just gave Carter one last tight hug and ran to go pack her stuff for christmas break well Carter just blinked a lot and just went to go look for brandon and Brianna which they successfully found brandon just Playing pranks on Brianna who was covered in Paint looking brianna and Brandon had dark brown hair and Cyan eyes and he had tanned skin and he had a white shirt on with blue and white overalls and a white and blue bucket hat and Brianna had Black hair and cyan eyes with light skin and She wore a Light pink Bell bottom pants and a light Pink mixed with black Blouse and had a Black choker on her neck and wore a Pink mixed with black scarf and bracelets with different wordings on them, Brianna looked really mad and she spoke "Brandon what the Heck, you lied again?!" Brandon just covered his mouth and looked away close to laughing. Well Carter knew they should’ve left this group when they got the chance and before Carter could even speak Brianna said "What's so funny? After all i'm the most beautiful girl in history after all!" Brandon started to laugh super hard. Brianna looked confused and Brianna had Red paint all over her pants which made it look like a misunderstanding. Brianna who realized gasping and looked angry and dragged Brandon with her and Brandon Yelled "Bye Carter!" Well Carter just waved bye but... Carter remembered that use to be the good time before The problem began... during christmas Break Carter was just sitting on there bed It was 3 days before christmas, and They heard the doorbell ringing which Carter got out of There bed wearing there comfy christmas Pjs and had on there Favorite Animal Slippers and walked down the stairs[or halls if u dont got stairs in your house] and walked up to the front door and when you opened it you saw a Letter on the ground and Carter stared curious and just bent down and grabbed the Letter that was in a envelope and went inside and closed the front door and walked to there room holding onto the envelope and sat on there bed and opened up the envelope and read the note it said

“Dear Carter I’d like you to come meet Me by the ran down church Too if you’d agree to play a simple game with me If you win you’d be able to get all the money you want, but if you lose it’ll cost a lot, After all you’d be able to buy whatever you’d want with with this kind of money, if you agree than meet me by the old ran down church near Rainbow joys theme park. If you don’t want to agree than don’t go but I’ll be in the black car and I’ll be waiting nearby, also if you decide to agree don’t bring anything with you, after all I don’t want you to break the rules of this game

From yours truly A”

Carter stared at the letter and they were thinking about going but maybe bringing a pocket knife. But, of course, that was all just a mistake they never should’ve even thought of going or anything after all back in the present, now they were standing there with all their friends from the friend group and standing in a weird child themed daycare awake and all the members of the group had different emotions, confusion, anger, regret and so much more.

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