It Came In The Dark

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“The end is near” 5 kids, 5 secrets, and a whole lot of scares

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1. Mark

It was that time, that dim, grey hour, when the sky became ink, the evil awakening.

Mark was knelt in front of a gravestone, as still as the corpses surrounding him, a tear slowly trickling down his damp, freckled face, his mouth a mask of pain.

It had been three months since his brother Jad went missing; two days since he had been declared dead, and only an hour after the ceremony ended. There was no body in the coffin, it had never been found.

A voice spoke beside him, gently, as if they were afraid Mark would lash out at a seconds notice.

“Mark, it is time to go.”

His mother placed a comforting hand on his trembling shoulder, as he stood up silently averting his eyes from everyone. The ache in his heart throbbed painfully, and he shrugged the hand briskly off.

“Mark, I know it’s difficult.”

“No, you have no idea,” Mark angrily faced his mother, his face red and raw. “All you cared about was your stupid money, your stupid clothes, your stupid fashion designer perfume, instead of actually noticing your sons.”

“Look, I am sorry, but that’s the…”

“Don’t you dare say it’s is the past. It will never be the past. You can’t fix everything with money, and YOU can’t as hell fix this.”

Mark angrily stormed away, with hips mother staring forlornly back at him.

No matter, it was all for show.

Through the haze in his eyes, he saw a man clad fully in black.

“Surrey Street 3.a.m. Tommorow. Come alone.

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