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Camille learns a valuable lesson about trust. Boris is the quintessential fox in sheep's clothing.

Horror / Drama
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Do You Have A Minute?

Do You Have A Minute?

“Do you have a minute?” asks the stranger reading beside you on a park bench. The sun shone so brightly that morning that when you glanced up, you could barely see his face, but you answered, “why yes, yes I do. How can I help you?” “Well, you see, I was wondering about your name. Is your name Cathy? For some reason, I think your name is Cathy.” “Sorry, no, my name is not Cathy. But nice try!” she smiled and continued reading from her newspaper. He looked a bit annoyed but still seemed like he wanted to chat about something, so she continued to indulge him trying to be kind now. “My name is Camille. I am from this town. People always come here as a tourist destination, but I find it boring sometimes. I enjoy the art museum visits but can no longer get there as often.” “My name is Boris, and I have emigrated here from Poland. I worked hard, and I am grateful to be here. I just thought you were looking so enthralled and nice there reading your book. I think that is nice. I think you are a nice person, is all Camille.” “Well, thank you, Boris! It is so nice to finally meet a man instead of a rapist or loser who just wants to get in your pants.” Now she was facing him and looked very relaxed. Boris was now looking at her and smiling so kindly toward her. As she got up to leave, Boris said, “I can walk you home if you like. It’s up to you, of course.” “No! No thank you, Boris. I am fine. It was nice talking with you. Maybe we’ll see each other again around the park.” But Camille never made it out of the park, and Boris was not a nice guy; instead, he was a dirty, violent rapist who, when he was finished raping Camille, left her crying and alone in the bush near where they were previously sitting. Camille wanted to get up, but she was having difficulty moving. Someone with a dog came along and found her, but they were too late.

Camille had been cut, and the blood was draining from her throat and chest into her belly. The EMTs could do nothing for her now. They covered her eyes. As they were getting her ready to transport into the ambulance, Boris happened by the ambulance. The EMTs asked if he was out earlier, and he replied, “no, I just came from my place now. Why?” “No reason, in particular; we have a victim that I thought you might be a witness to a crime?

As the EMTs got a closer look because Boris couldn’t resist seeing her one last time, they recognized that he had been in a struggle. They looked closely at his neck and saw scratches and what looked to be a bite mark. The EMT removed his hand from Camille’s eyes for a minute, and everything went out of whack for her vitals as she saw Boris again. The EMTs discovered that Camille was sending them a message despite her weakened state. The EMTs kept Boris talking. He was eating up his one minute of fame! The fame that he got from killing and raping another. True vial fame he needed so badly as it surged through his veins.!

As the detectives approached the ambulance and discovered the man speaking with the EMTs, Duff got his cuffs out, and Dan grabbed Boris while Duff cuffed him. They took samples from under his fingernails, took photos of the scratches and gave Camille a rape kit. When the evidence came back, there was no mistaking that Boris was the guy who raped her and left her to die. Sadly Camille succumbed to her injuries, never knowing if Boris was captured.

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