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The Virus

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A man is the "sole" survivor of a biohazardous virus outbreak, or so he thinks...

Horror / Action
Liam T
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Chapter 1: Intoduction

I ran through the blood-soaked hospital halls but they were persistent. They wouldn’t give up, the beasts were after me… I was hiding under the ambulance but they could smell my scent so I cut the gas line and masked my scent with gasoline. I watch as they gather around me and prowl to find me but I just stayed under the ambulance until they heard a noise and ran towards it, once I couldn’t see any of them I ran into a room and I closed the door and barricaded it, I looked around and I found a crowbar, a hammer, some bullets, and a knife. I took some boards from the door and peeked out. But we need to start from the beginning, " Hi I'm Leon the sole survivor of a virus outbreak but anyway back to the story". The beasts were like zombies hungry for flesh and organs, while I was peeking out the door one of them saw me and started rushing at me so when it got close enough I grabbed the knife and slit its throat, blood was spewing everywhere, and its shriek was like a distorted siren. As I plunged the knife deep through its heart. I cut its stomach open to study it, so I can get a better look at what I was dealing with. After I cut open its stomach I remembered to barricade the door, after I barricaded the door, I laid the beast on the table and dissected it.

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