The House is a Cell

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A woman is trapped in her house.

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I think this is where it ends for me

It’s so hard to write this. I can barely hold back the tears. I’m trying to wipe them off before they reach the keyboard, but, they can only keep rolling. I didn’t eat all day, or for what seemed all day. I couldn’t bear to touch the food that It had gotten. Heaven knows where It got it all from. I mostly slept and drank water, but my hunger got the best of me. Immediately after taking that first bite I felt my entire being full of rage. The hunger was still there, so all I could do was eat as I cried, knowing that It felt all smug for having me in the palm of its hand. Afterwards, I sat on the couch, watching the clock move forward in Its time. That’s when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I rubbed it away, but the eerie feeling of someone standing right behind me lingered. I reached my hand around to try and dismiss it, but then… another hand slipped over my shoulder, I could see it move in my periphery. I kept still before I finally snapped my head towards it, only to see it disappear. I stayed that way, with my head looking around for whoever or whatever it was. I stood up immediately, yelling for it to come out. Tears began to well up and fall on my cheeks. Finally, I grabbed one of the statues in the living room and threw it at the front window. It made a crack and I smiled. It all faded as it fixed itself, as if going backwards in time and putting back together the cracks in the glass. I laughed hysterically and reached for the statue again. Instead of just throwing I hurled it to the window, one time, two and three. Only enough to make cracks, but never fast enough to make it grow. I ran around trying the other windows with different pieces of furniture. Finally ending at the back door. Hurling the fruits and the bowls and the chairs. I slumped in front of the door.

Crying uncontrollably, I was barely able to hear the door creak open. A bright light shined through the gap, hitting my eyes. I ran out only to a halt at the bottom of the short steps. All around me to the farthest that my eyes could reach was a bright nothingness. There was absolutely nothing. I turned to see if the door was still behind me, my heart beating in my throat at the thought that this would be my new hell. It was still there. My heart calmed, but not in a joyful way. I backed up a step and booked it. I didn’t look back. Whatever this nothingness had, there had to be something somewhere. Somewhere off where I couldn’t see. I sprinted ’til my breath fell short. Then sprinted with all I had in me. Finally, after what seemed hours of running, my lungs burned my throat sore and my legs limp. I took a couple steps before coming to a complete stop. I turned, and my heart sank. The door was still behind me.

I got closer and peeked inside, it was still the kitchen with things thrown about, just like I had left it. I backed up, keeping my eyes on the door as I jogged backwards. After a while, and a good distance, the door disappeared, I turned again. There it was. The door was smack down in front of me. I looked around again, and I stepped back inside, closing the door firmly. I took another look outside. Before my vision blurred, it was still that same foggy forest at the side of the mountain. The same one I would see in the morning, and the last thing I saw before the sun set. I grabbed a yogurt, a spoon and headed upstairs. After finishing it, I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up, the room dark as night as a moon shined through the window. I grabbed the laptop and began typing. The memories have kept my tears flowing. Now my heart is beating loud in my ears. I’m trying to type slowly, taking note of any footsteps in the room. I can feel It. It’s standing at the door, watching me type. The only other light source is the light of the laptop. Try as I might, I can’t hear it move, but I can hear Its breathing come closer. Its hand on my shoulder again. I think It’s smiling. Reading what I type, what I’m typing. I’m gonna close my eyes after this last part. If anyone finds this, just know- It likes to be called Miko. Bye! :D

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