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Dan finally gets out the office and has a night out with his friends, until he makes a choice that changes the entire night for him.

Horror / Adventure
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The Club

Its Friday, the end of the week! the final day of hard labour! Dan looked at the time as it slowly moved toward 5PM. his heart racing in excitement. Tonight, was the night he and his friends had planned for weeks where they were all free to go out on a night out. Dan hadn’t been out with his friends drinking in months and was extremely excited and had been for 2 weeks none stop, mentioning it at every chance.

Dan is 24 years old and works in a small office in sales. What he wouldn’t give for a bit of excitement rather than 4 white walls around him, cameras watching him as he works, he just wanted some excitement for once and not just working to pay his bills for one day.

Dan lives alone in a 1-bedroom flat with no pets and is single and has been for about a year now. He lives a simple life of work, gaming, watching tv and sleeping. Nothing exiting has happened to dan since he broke up with his ex-partner. he hasn’t felt like dating after she left him but he avoids telling people why they broke up.

He watched the time slowly strike 5PM, that was it, he was free and ready to live his life for a night. The excitement flowed through his body. He grabbed his jacket and zipped it up with a huge smile on his face. He shouted out “See you all on Monday!” as everyone just groaned back “yeah”.

He walked outside quickly to get his bus, which was just coming down the road at the same time as he left. He entered the bus and took a seat, smiling and excited. he rode the bus home and quickly ran inside to shower. He threw his phone on the bed after sending a text in his friends WhatsApp group saying “CAN’T WAIT LADS! SEE YOU ALL AT 8!” A quick shower, getting changed, these things took minutes as he rushed in excitement. He glanced at the time, exactly 7PM! He applied aftershave vigorously while he grabbed all the stuff he needed.

He looked at his wallet and made sure he had ID and plenty cash; he then checked his phone to make sure it had full battery. He wandered about his house double checking it was all locked up and that he had picked everything up. last but not least he picked up his keys. This is it! He started to sweat in excitement. He ran down the stairs of the flats and looked outside, lighting a cigarette ready to book a taxi. He used the Uber app on his phone and booked it quickly, claiming it was 5 minutes away.

He waited while finishing his cigarette. As he threw the butt to the floor the taxi pulled up. Dan hopped in the back and explained to the driver where the club was, and sat back excited more than ever. The WhatsApp group was pinging with notifications, it looked like everyone was just as excited to finally be able to get out and enjoy themselves.

The taxi pulled up as dan looked at the dark doors of the club with the security stood outside and people queuing up to get in. Dan checked the time, 7:55, 5 minutes before they were due to meet. of all his 5 friends coming none had turned up yet. All of a sudden, he looked around and he spotted his friends.

All of them were already there but stood round the corner away from the club itself. He ran over “Hey! lads! I’m here!” they looked over and smiled as one shouted “What took you so long Mr, thought you weren’t coming!” They all took turns shaking Dans hand, as one pipes up “Dan it’s been so long, 3 months!” and Dans smile slowly faded, as he realised. Dan looked at him and said “Chris....I’m sorry to hear about your mom, bro” Chris wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and smiled “nah, Dan, its ok man, let’s not focus on it for tonight”. Dan looked at him and smiled “you ever need me, I’m here bro”. Chris smiled and pushed Dan slightly on the shoulder “you’re a good guy man”.

The group chatted amongst themselves and got in the que. As they slowly made their way in Dan looked at one of the girls Infront of him. She looked familiar, it couldn’t be, not here, not on the one day he was supposed to have fun. Dans face fell from a smile to a wide-eyed straight face as the girl slowly turned away as Dan couldn’t help himself and shouted “SARAH? WHAT ARE YO....” He stopped as she looked at him directly and looked confused. It wasn’t her, they looked nearly identical but something about her was different. “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else” she just smiled and said “its fine!” and turned away. One of his friends pushed him forward “hey, everything ok?” Dan just smiled and nodded.

They slowly made their way to the entrance. The security looked patted them all down one by one and allowed them all in one by one. Dan looked around as he entered, the dark DJ booth, the laser lights whisking around the floor and walls, the bar all lit up. It was exactly as he wanted and already, he could feel a great night ahead of him.

Dan and Chris walked quickly to the bar as the barmaid looked and asked Dan “What can I get you fellas?” Chris pointed behind the lady and shouted “6 shots of tequila, 1 double whiskey and coke, 3 pints of carling and 2 double rum and coke please love” He pulled out his card and smacked it on the side, “don’t worry lads, it’s my round!” His grin went from ear to ear. He seemed to be sweating a little and dan couldn’t understand why. The room wasn’t warm, he was not wearing a jacket, something was off.

Dan stared at Chris and looked him up and down and noticed his leg was slightly shaking. They grabbed the drinks and took them over to the rest of the group who were stood by the wall chatting. Dan decided to go upstairs where the drum and bass was playing, the rest of them declined and stayed down stairs and started to get comfortable and dance. When they arrived, upstairs Chris pointed out a woman in the middle of the room slowly swaying to the music, long blonde hair, beautiful dress, curves in the right places. Dan Stood behind her and said loudly over the music “Hey! I love the dress, Ed hardy, right?” He heard her respond in a strange voice but clearly say “Don’t leave here alone” He took a step back and replied “Wait...could you say that again? I don’t understand” She replied “It is, thank you”. taken back he replied “but I thought you sai...never mind. enjoy your night!”

Chris ran over to him “DAN! what the hell happened? you have gone pale!” Dan wiped his face “nah man, I just got confused, casually they finished their drinks and went over to the bar. They ordered 2 more double rum and cokes, went back to the dance floor and started to drink and dance again. The night went on as the 2 had a fantastic time and danced away. A few drinks in Dan was starting to feel a bit drunk and decided to stop drinking.

Chris was looking on top of the world, dancing, chatting to anyone who would come close. Dan stopped and stared at Chris, “Bro....do you need water?” Chris shook his head. Seconds later Chris started to lightly grab his stomach, and started to head to the bathroom in a rush. Dan followed him quickly, knowing something was wrong, he had seen this before, he knew Chris had gone back to drugs.

As Chris slammed the toilet door shit and started throwing up dan shouted through to him. “You really are this weak huh? what would your mother think? JESUS CHRIST CHRIS! THIS IS STUPID!” Chris was silent. Dan shouted again “Flush whatever you have left down the toilet before you leave Chris, I’m not supporting this again! you got in so much debt before!” Dan was worried for Chris and didn’t want to see him fall back into this pit.

Dan started to explain how much he hated what Chris was doing to himself as Chris slammed the door open and grabbed Dan. He held him tightly by the collar of his shirt and started screaming at Dan. “YOU DONT KNOW HOW THIS FEELS! IT HURTS, DAN! I CAN’T SLEEP! I CAN’T EAT PROPERLY! I JUST WANT TO BE DEAD!” Chris had a horrible look on his face as he spat the remains of his vomit on Dans face as he shouted.

Chris was crying as he shouted and let dan go and turned away to face the wall and started sobbing loudly. Dan looked at Chris and just stated “I’m done, this is too much for me.” He walked out the bathroom and went back to the bar. Dan ordered another double whiskey and coke, and another, and another. He couldn’t stop himself, he just wanted to forget what had happened.

Eventually before he knew it, he felt wobbly. He checked his watch and thought “Jesus, where did the time go, its 1:30am!” he walked down stairs toward his friends to explain what had happened. He saw them all surrounding Chris as he was sobbing. Dan looked at them all and just thought “I’m not going to get involved, I’m just going to leave”

Dan avoided being seen by his friends, picked up his jacket and left. As he exited the building the fresh air hit him, he closed his eyes and took a breath in. He realised how drunk he was but not wanting to go back in he decided to book a taxi home. He looked at his phone, no signal. He looked around for a taxi but nobody was around. In fact, nobody was outside. “Forget it” he thought, “I will get into the town centre and get a taxi from there.

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